The Loot List aka Stealie’s Steals

Here I keep track of what items Stealie has acquired.  This list should come in handy to see which houses we’ve already “covered,” as the Challenge rules forbid me from returning to swipe from a house once I’ve stolen three items from it, except if a new family has moved in to that house.

The list is roughly sorted by chronology.

Unless noted otherwise, the families are in their original houses.


The Beginning

1. dumpster: telephone, beetle; HART: camo lamp, cherry dresser, red toilet

2. KENNEDY: white dresser, stereo, yellow rectangle rug

3. none 😦

4. CRUMPLEBOTTOM: trash compacter, red curtain, car

5. Dumpster: rug, lamp; BACHELOR: clawfoot tub, wall lamp (still one more swipe left!); Military Base: flagpole

6. ALTO: blue dining chair, marble coffee table, small painting

7. WOLFF: Ambiguity sculpture, car, treadmill

At the end of WEEK 1:

2014-06-18_0286 resize8. KOFFI: towel, Ambiguity sculpture, fountain

9. Art Museum: Ambiguity (smoother, not marble-y), Atlas, fountain

10: LANGERAK: none! (Thank you, Stealie, for getting us thrown out)

11: Graveyard: Reaper statue; BUNCH: blue toilet, blue bathtub, green grill

12: none

13. Dumpster: moth, chair, sofa (?), cheap stereo, box of tissues, kitchen utensil holder, iron, cockroach; DENT (new family in Americana): bar stool, green mirror, desk chair

14. CLAVELL: brown bathtub aka “shower of power,” decorative photos, white mirror; GOTH: toilet, armchair, Venus statue (this was technically on the morning of Day 15)

At the end of WEEK 2:

2014-06-18_0225 resize15. (see Day 14)

16 (Monday). PURNELL two lamps (Sawed Off Lightcaster), blue dresser

17. ALVI: Dancing Bunny poster, barstool, bbq (in Day 16 post)



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