The House


The Monotone
Sunset Valley

The Monotone is a pre-made house that comes with the Sims 3 base game.  As you can see, it’s crying out for a bit of zazz:

Stealie 0001 resize

Stealie 0007 resize

We are still in the first stages of the challenge so it’s quite bare-bones.  Can’t wait to see how it looks at the end.

Here it is after a few days of swiping from public lots:

Stealie 0214 resize

No, it’s not haunted.  That’s just our klepto Stealie in the window.


Update June 2014

For the remodel, we’re going for a mini-castle!  It will be called the Klepto Kastle!


Update September 2014

Stealie finally got a mini-makeover of the Monotone.  Maybe not much, but it’s a start:

2014-09-15_0018 resize

2014-09-13_0013 resize

2014-09-15_0032 resize2014-09-15_0036 resize2014-09-15_0088 resize


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