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In the Klepto King Challenge, a solo Sim starts with a pre-selected, unfurnished house and try to end with the highest house value from only stealing and mooching off of other Sims.  Can’t have a career and can’t buy items from Buy mode or the local shops.  The original rules are posted here.

So, you start off with this:

Stealie 0007 resize

…and try to end up with the most expensive (and best mismatched!) house.

This is my first Sims 3 challenge.  I’m usually just a builder; I spend hours and hours (whew) designing houses and town architecture but don’t mess around much with creating or playing Sims.  Even when I play families, my play style is free-form and just to earn enough to build the perfect house anyway.  Other challenges or legacies have inspired my game play before but they usually have too many finicky rules or tedious point-scoring requirements for me to stick to them.  Let’s hope I can complete this challenge!

Our Klepto King/Kween contender is Stealie Nicks.  (Yes, I like Fleetwood Mac.)  To add my own twist to the challenge, I am going to try and insert at least one Stevie Nicks reference into each post.

Stealie 0003 resizeAs I said before, I don’t like to spend too much time trying to create the perfect celebrity look-alike Sim.  Stealie has enough of a resemblance to the model so I’m happy enough.  Anyway the real one wouldn’t be a Kleptomaniac Evil Mooch!

My changes to the rules and other notes about gameplay:
The rules assign the Lifetime Want that require a career, which would conflict with the rule against having a career. Someone commented that it would make more sense to do the LTW of “Possession is 9/10 of the Law,” but since I do not have that option available, I will use “Living in the Lap of Luxury” instead.  I debated between this one and “Swimming in Cash” but ultimately decided that Lap of Luxury fit the theme better.

I have only the base game and one expansion, Generations.

I am not using any story progression mods for this challenge. The challenge allows your Sim to burgle the same house again if the family living there has changed. The emigration in the EA story progression (which is usually disabled in the mods) would probably help free up houses for family moves, so I decided to keep the EA story progression.  I will be using Overwatch to prevent lag from glitchy cars or traffic.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. This sounds great! I’m bookmarking and coming back when I have time to get stuck I. For a few chapters. Love the Fleetwood Mac reference! They’re one of my all time favourites for getting through a work day (or any day).

    Rose (or sneakysnoo in the forums)

    • Thank you, Rose! There’s always a Fleetwood Mac song stuck in my head after writing a post here, heh. I’m also having a great time reading the first chapters of your Monroe legacy. See you around 🙂

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