15. Let Me Do My Stuff

Been down so long.  I’ve been tossed around enough!   But this blog is back 🙂

A real-life house move has kept me from finishing this post for…*checks draft datestamp*…over two months!  Yikes.  Then it’s high time to…

Kick off Week 3!

Collecting gems behind the back yard started off Stealie’s day.  Well, I say “started the day” but it was already afternoon.  The familiar green fumes from the fridge indicate that the food has gone off again so you know what that means…we need another food-fest!  Partaay!

Stealie 2014-05-08_565 resize

Our neighbor Hayley Purnell obviously despises Stealie.  Then why the heck did she come??  Just to gloat?

Stealie 2014-05-08_558 resizeHayley: “I came all the way here across the road to party in this hovel?  Sheesh!  Stealie, here’s $38.  It should help you get yourself a nicer place.”  And this from a woman who lives in a trailer.  Thank you, Hayley; you are the very embodiment of class.

Stealie 2014-05-08_561 resize

Holly: “Oh come on, Hayley.  I think this is a charming house.  But Stealie, if you do want a prettier place to live, here’s $19.”

You know, ladies, now that you mention it…our place is too cramped.  Why else would Beau and Erin have decided to fuse together?

Stealie 2014-05-08_559 resizeHmm.  The guests brought food but now they just leave it in random places.  What happened to the well-mannered custom of arranging them on the coffee table?

Stealie 2014-05-08_563 resizeJocasta Bachelor: “Stealie, I’ve heard whispers that you’re thinking of moving.  And those moving companies charge through the nose–”

Stealie: “Oh no, I’m not thinking of–”

Hush, Stealie!  Jocasta’s right, moving is expensive!

Jocasta: “We lucky Sims must give to those less privileged.  So here’s $58.  And another $88 to cover the tip.”

Stealie 2014-05-08_567 resize“Um, thank you, Jocasta.”

“Don’t mention it, dear.  Go find yourself a more spacious house.”

We then interrupted Gobias’ humming to ask him to do his bit.

“Sure, Stealie.  I’ve got some cash you can have.  Here’s $17.  My Pledge of Seventeen.”  Wow, Gobias!  A donation AND a Stevie pun!  You go, girl!

Stealie 2014-05-08_568 resizeMoving on.  Ian “I Look Like Your New Animal Skin Armchair” Bowler gave us $20.

Stealie 2014-05-08_570 resize edit

Melodie Dent: “Oh, Stealie!  I’ve been hearing so much about all these faces you can pull.  Can you please show me one?”

Stealie 2014-05-08_576 resize

“How’s this?”

Stealie 2014-05-08_580 resize

“Hmm.  About 19 simoleons’ worth, I should think.”

While we were choosing our next moochee, Holly chimed in with a game notification.  This is her actual text from the game:  “I’d like to stick around, but I really need to go home and take care of a few things.  Call me again soon!”

Glance over to Holly:

Stealie 2014-05-08_581 resizeMessage received, Holly!  No further detail needed!  Go, Holly, go (just not on our floor, please)!

Beau Andrews could not get enough of the feast served at this party.  It was all about him and the dish–never mind that Melodie had just barged her boob into his elbow: Stealie 2014-05-08_592 resizeBeau:  “Mmm!  Hey, Stealie, I hear you’re thinking of moving.  Don’t!  Just fix up this place a little an have more parties.  And invite me.  Here’s $19 for new paint or whatever.”

Leighton Sekemoto: “Psst, Stealie.  I’m pitching in $59 so you can get a dishwasher so we won’t have to watch people lick their plates at these parties!”Stealie 2014-05-08_588 resizeMeanwhile, in another corner of the room…We had barely noticed Susan Wainwright because she was blending so well with the walls:

Stealie 2014-05-08_593 resize

“Susan, how many shades of gray does it take to change a lightbulb?”

Susan turned to look at a lamp, perhaps for some clues.  “Hmm.  I’d say about 20.  And at a simoleon each, you’d need $20.  So here, take a 20.”


Stealie 2014-05-08_600 resizeSusan continued.  “This painting…it’s so…familiar.  I think I’ve seen it somewhere else.”

“Oh, ha!  So you’ve heard this joke before?  Good to see you, enjoy the party.”

Stealie scurried off to say hi to Ethan Bunch.

Stealie 2014-05-08_598 resizeOh.  Should I give you two some space?

Meh, what’s the use when there are people around anyway:
Stealie 2014-05-08_595 resize

Ethan: “Stealie!  I’d give you everything if you’ll stay in Sunset!”

“Oh yeah?  Let’s see your wallet.”

“Okay, I’ve got…$56 in bills, and…$21 in change.”

“Lemme think about it.  Think about it before I go.”

Stealie turned around and looked across the room.  Something must’ve snapped in her mind, because she suddenly turned to me with an urgent message:

Stealie 2014-05-08_591 resize

“Do you see what it’s like here?  No one knows!  How I feel!  Build me another bathroom and paint the walls or something because this is just too much!”

Stealie, we don’t even have $5,000 in cash.  We should build up our funds a little more before we build the house–”

“Now!  I can’t wait!  You’ll never get away from the sound of a Sim that wants–”

Whose challenge do you think this is?!  You do the Kleptoing, and I do the remodeling–

Stealie 2014-05-08_589 resize

“Then just do it.  Now.”

First, please stop that haunted-doll stare.

Second, it’s not as if we can bulldoze through the guests and wall them in (I’m not that kind of Simmer).  Let’s wait till they leave, shall we?

Some time passed.  It was only the stragglers now.  Stealie chilled with some dessert.  “Mmm, fruit parfait.”

Stealie 2014-05-08_599 resize

While we waited for the guests to clear out, the game gave us a notification that Bessie Clavell had passed on.  She shouldn’t have tried to protect her armchair from us the other night!  Poor soul.

After the party, Stealie surveyed the room:

2014-05-17_0001 resize“We’d better get some nice remodeling done ASAP.  I can’t wait to quit living in this pile of sh–”

Hey!  Keep it clean, Stealie!  No potty mouth ’round here.  Speaking of which, again:

Stealie 2014-05-08_556 resize

To the tune of Second Hand News: They’re just second-hand loos, they’re just second-hand loos, yeah!

I can understand feeling cramped when this is how the bedroom looks:

Stealie 2014-05-08_557 resize

But here’s the deal, Stealie.  Even with your fine mooching during the party, we still don’t have that much cash.  You’ll have to earn some remodeling funds.  Pull some [purse-]strings, do some mooching magic.

“Fine.  Let’s try the park.”


2014-06-17_0084 resize

The park at night, complete with someone’s abandoned plate of picnic food.  Nope, not shady at all.

Believe it or not, the park at this hour was inhabited by someone, and not just zombies.

Yumi Sekemoto: “I feel so bad for artists nowadays.  People don’t pay enough for music, and the composers don’t earn enough of their share.”

Stealie: “I’m an artist too!”

Yumi: “You poor dear.  Here, take $52.  That should make up for whatever songs of yours I’ve downloaded illegally.”

2014-06-17_0070 resize

Stealie then went over to greet Abraham Finkel, who the other day had “walked in” on a private moment between her and Gunther.  And speak of the devil!  Gunther was right there, too.

What is it with this trio:

2014-06-17_0073 resize

Abraham: “Oh, you’re remodeling?  There’s this really awesome shade of green they have in the paint store.  Here, I’ll give you the swatch I got for it when I did my room.”

2014-06-17_0080 resize

Perhaps because of the darkness or perhaps because Sim money is green, he mistakenly gave us $34 instead of the paint swatch.

While Abe and Stealie continued chatting, Gunther stalked off:

2014-06-17_0075 resize

…And settled down on one of the picnic blankets, humming, “I know there’s nothing to say.  Someone has taken my place.  When times go bad, when times go rough, won’t you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff.”

2014-06-17_0098 resize

We probably weren’t going to score any simoleons from sourpuss here, so we went down the hill to visit some houses.

2014-06-17_0104 resizeInside, the man whose name my notes say is Paul Han but I now think is either Hank Goddard or Hank Wan listened wearily to Stealie’s plea for help:

2014-06-17_0132 resize

“For just $68, YOU can help house a starving artist in Sunset Valley.”

He yawned:

2014-06-17_0123 resize

Even in this apparently apathetic mindset, he donated the simoleons.  Thanks and good night, Hank/Paul/Wank!

Moving on down the street to the Frio house:

2014-06-17_0141 resize

Where the mercenary gleam in Stealie’s eyes was enough to light up the porch:2014-06-17_0150 resize

Where Connor Frio answered, in his boxers.

Still see your bright eyes, Stealie.  But there’s something unnecessarily sinister about this picture:

2014-06-17_0155 resizePerhaps because of the lighting and their clothing, I found it difficult to take snapshots without having them seem vaguely sordid or clandestine in some way.

2014-06-17_0165 resize

This “poke” on the tummy:2014-06-17_0169 resize

Discussing something as intimate as money, in a darkened corner (“Sure, here’s $83.  Will that be enough?”):2014-06-17_0163 resize

This “embrace”:2014-06-17_0175 resize

This look from Connor:2014-06-17_0170 resize

…When, in fact, most of what happened was this:

2014-06-17_0172 resize

All the fun must’ve tired out Connor a bit, because he eventually yawned and headed off to his bedroom.  But before leaving, he paused ominously.

“Oh, Stealie, just one more thing.”2014-06-17_0160 resize


“…Here’s another $70.  Heh!  Did you like my Columbo impression?”

Oh go to bed you silly Sim.

Upstairs, Stealie encountered Connor’s brother, Jared.

2014-06-17_0179 resize


Again, there’s no real physical contact, just weird angles:

2014-06-17_0184 resize

And innocent chit-chat about the Mac:

2014-06-17_0182 resize

I wasn’t expecting Jared to contribute much to our remodeling funds, what with his perpetual status as deadbeat dad.  But he surprised me by taking $77 from his right pocket and $81 from his left pocket and handing it all to Stealie.

“Thanks, Jared!  But…don’t you have child support to pay?”

“Nah, this way I can deduct it from my tips income so I won’t have to pay Claire at all.”

“Uhhh, maybe you should get another lawyer, Jared.”

“Nah, don’t have one now, don’t need one.”

“Ah.  In that case, I’ll say good night and take my leave.”


Good job, Stealie!  Even after about $270 went to bills, our cash is now at $5,098.  We can now do a little bit of remodeling…once you get out of bed and the house and stop blocking the walls.  Ohhhh…just let me do my stuff.


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