Timespace: a timelapse view of the first two weeks

In lieu of the usual diary entry, today’s post takes a special, visual look at Stealie’s progress so far.  We present to you this timelapse gallery!  Click on the first thumbnail to enter the slideshow:

(Note: A couple of the days are duplicated, because there were some days when Stealie didn’t bring home any stolen items.)

Phew!  When I came up with the idea of doing this gallery, I was not aware that Sims 3 allows locked camera angles.  Had I known that method from the start, I could have simply taken a screenshot each time Stealie added to her collection.  Instead, I waited till she was done with two weeks’ worth of stuff, and then went back and meticulously set up the shoot.  Not surprisingly, this resulted in many many many botched attempts, because a slight slip of the camera angle or forgetting to turn a setting on or off would require a complete redo.  Argh!  At least I’ll know how to do it the easy way from here on.


5 thoughts on “Timespace: a timelapse view of the first two weeks

    • Wow, thanks, nateslice! I didn’t even know there was a wishlist feature. I went nuts going through bits of the catalog…”That’s pretty…oh, that’s cool too…” You’d think I’d be sick of furniture, what with a real-life house move distracting me from Sims time :p How have you been? How are your stories coming along? 🙂

      • I’m doing well, thanks! I’ve been too lazy about continuing my stories and figuring out how to get around my imgur issue, and I’ve been distracted by the shiny of Sims 4, but now I’m getting back into the groove with a new story.

        How’ve you been doing? New house? Nice!

      • Just logged in for the first time in ages to the forums and found a lovely surprise from you! Apologies for the very late reply. Thank you so so much. Been feeling a little burnt out from the move so your gifts made the Sims craving so much stronger 🙂 How have you been? Nice to see some updates on your blog! Hoping to get back to Simming and catching up real soon…

  1. Oh, no problem, there; I figured you were probably busy. I’m doing well; thanks! How about you? You’re welcome; I’m glad you like the gifts, and I’m looking forward to more updates from you when you’re ready!

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