14. Look Down Below You, Search Out Above

Stealie swipes from two different houses, with *sigh* slightly exasperating results.  As a consequence, I foresee that some emergency remodeling is coming soon.


By the time Stealie finished swiping at the Dent home, it was almost midnight.  Sims usually kick us out by 3 am, so there was time to swipe at another house.  Stealie rushed over to the Clavell home.  For some reason, Beau Andrews was there too.  (You can see his big belly through the window.)  Something going on?Stealie 2014-05-07_473 resize

Bessie!  What’s Beau doing in your son’s room?

Stealie 2014-05-07_475 resize

“Oh, don’t worry, dear.  He’s here to help us feel safer about this burglar who’s been going around.  You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this thief, would you?”

Stealie 2014-05-07_483 resize“No, ma’am.  But I can put you in touch with a theft insurance agent.  It’s very reasonable, costs only about $106 for the plan and $39 for the registration fee.”

“Oh yes!  Do sign us up.”

Stealie neglected to tell her that this theft insurance ensures that the burglar will visit the house!  Poor Bessie should have read the fine print first.

We had to get cracking, as Bessie could throw us out at any moment.

Maybe we rushed too much.  Guess what Stealie went for.  Go on, guess.

Stealie 2014-05-07_479 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_480 resize

Arggghhh.  Regular readers will understand my frustration.

It reminds me of the time (in real life) when one of my architecture instructors was talking about switching career tracks because, as an architect/designer, there are only so many doorknob and bathroom remodels you can take.

“What?  It’s my house!  I grabs what I wants!”

Stealie 2014-05-07_486 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_487 resizeWell, who am I to keep you down~.

On the third swipe, I tried to steer her towards something valuable, like the armchair.  Bessie, however, kept getting in the way.  She’d come into the room just as we were about to swipe.  Or she’d settle down into the same armchair and start reading or watching TV.  Swipe-blocker!

Stealie 2014-05-07_488 resizeIn an attempt to block Bessie’s swipe-blocking, Stealie defiantly sat in the armchair.  Look at that evil grin!Stealie 2014-05-07_491 resizeBut Bessie still refused to go away.

Stealie 2014-05-07_494 resizeThere really wasn’t that much to choose from.  We really didn’t need another toilet.  Stealie went to a bedroom upstairs and I just let her choose whatever. Stealie 2014-05-07_495 resizeHmm, that dresser looks nice.

Stealie 2014-05-07_496 resizeBut nope, Stealie chose the mirror.

It wasn’t hard to figure out what to do next:Stealie 2014-05-07_499 resize

Good night, Mrs. Clavell.  Thanks for nothing!  Except the money, the shower/tub, the decorative photos, and the mirror.  Stealie 2014-05-07_500 resize

“You’re welcome, dear.  Do let me know when the insurance man calls.”

Stealie 2014-05-07_501 resize

Outside, in the night, the neighborhood was lit up in eerie green:

Stealie 2014-05-07_481 resize

You could be my Klepto’d things
Blue green colors flashing~

Stealie 2014-05-07_482 resizeHome.
Stealie 2014-05-07_503 resize

Stealie keeps dreaming of the rocket.  Move on, Stealie.

In the morning, Stealie paid the bills.  $179.  Good news: the bills haven’t gone up too much.  Bad news: that means that our net worth hasn’t gone up much either.

Hey!  If you click on the stereo, there’s an option to do an Evil Dance.  Gotta try this.

Grooving with the fridge…Stealie 2014-05-07_511 resizethen the blank wall…Stealie 2014-05-07_516 resizesome wiggling…Stealie 2014-05-07_507 resize

Ok, so there’s not much special about Evil Dance.  Enough.  Stealie had to eat and get going with the day!

Stealie 2014-05-07_519 resize

Eating sushi with a fork.  Now, that’s class.

D’ohh, the toilet broke.  Well, we’ve got plenty more.  We’ll worry about that later.

For a while now, Stealie’s had a wish to improve her gardening skill.   She went over to the science lab and the criminal hangout to help herself to some harvestables.  Stealie 2014-05-07_520 resizeThen off to SimHenge, where there have been rumors of valuable Gigantic Space Rocks.  Stealie 2014-05-07_522 resizeBut no, only a smoky quartz.  We could’ve found that at home!Stealie 2014-05-07_521 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_524 resizeI’m not sure what that screenshot reminds me of.  Gone with the Wind?  Yeah, probably…”I’ll never be hungry again!!”

We wanted to go see Gunther Goth but he was out.  Instead we went to one of the lakes—not to fish, but to harvest some space rocks and vegetables.  And then fish.

I’ll spare you the screenshots here, because they all turned out like this:

Stealie 2014-05-08_530 resize

Stealie has a “Disgusted” moodlet from disgusting food again!  You were fine when you were eating the sushi!  Maybe it’s the fridge quality?  Blegh.  I guess we’re doomed to disgusting food forever, because fridges can’t be swiped, and that means we’ll never have a fridge of good quality.

Whoa!  I suddenly noticed another Sim near the lake. (You can see her in the screenshot above.)  It’s…Tamara Donner, reading a book.

Stealie 2014-05-08_531 resize

Damn the dark!  I could barely get a screenshot.  Though…with the faces she makes, perhaps I can’t blame Tamara for favoring a dimmer ambiance.  Stealie 2014-05-08_533 resize“Oh, hi, Stealie.  Listen, if anyone asks, can you tell them I was here all day?  Here’s $20 for your troubles.”

“No questions asked.”

It was almost midnight.  I saw Gunther was headed home.

Stealie 2014-05-08_536 resize

Stealie’s intentions are clear.

Stealie 2014-05-08_538 resize

Stealie 2014-05-08_539 resize

Um, I don’t know if I want to be a part of this.Stealie 2014-05-08_541 resize

I’ll look away.

While I was looking away, Stealie tried to swipe something autonomously…then sneezed.  Didn’t know Sims did that.  She recovered and was about to mooch some money from Gunther when he just took off.

Stealie 2014-05-08_542 resize

Wow, Gunther…so…trusting.  Do you feel safe with Stealie roaming around the house?  I mean, you have so much to protect:

Stealie 2014-05-08_543 resize

So, so much.

Stealie 2014-05-08_544 resizeStealie 2014-05-08_545 resizeHe must have heard me, because he rushed back to the house.

“Stealie, I forgot to tell you.  I was just headed out to throw away more wads of simoleons.  This one has $231, and this one $41.  I’d like you to have it.”Stealie 2014-05-08_546 resize

Moochie moochie moo!!  “Thanks, Gunther!”  He must be really desperate to get to bed.

No problem there, because that left Stealie free to do her work.

However, speaking of problems:

Stealie 2014-05-08_547 resize

Stealie 2014-05-08_548 resizeCome onnnn.

“You want me to come on to Stealie?”  No, Gunther.  Keep your dirty deeds to yourself, and we’ll do the same with ours.  You stay in bed.Stealie 2014-05-08_549 resize

In another room, his wife Cornelia’s Swipey Sense was tingling!!

Stealie 2014-05-08_550 resize

Perhaps we should get a move on.  When we stepped outside, Stealie walked over to the rose garden.

Venus, the goddess of love:

Stealie 2014-05-08_551 resizeLookin’ out for love
In the night so still

Stealie 2014-05-08_552 resize

Oh you begged me to swipe you
From that house on the hill.

Stealie 2014-05-08_553 resizeThat wasn’t the first time that “Big Love” has shown up on this blog.  It’s so versatile!  It fits the Goths so well, because dammit, their house is on the hill!

“And look at all these pretty roses.”

Stealie 2014-05-08_554 resize

Hungry, Stealie went home.  Dim sum with fork.  She seems to favor Asian cuisine eaten with a fork.

Stealie 2014-05-08_555 resize

“Never mind that.  Where should we put all the loot?”

Well, for sure the toilet won’t fit in the bathroom anymore.

Stealie 2014-05-08_556 resize“Hmm.  Just shove it into my room somewhere.”

O…kay…Ensuite bathroom, here we come.

Stealie 2014-05-08_557 resize

Hah!  Being in the bathroom now gives her the “Dirty Surroundings” and “Decorated” moodlets at the same time.


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