13. Circle Dance

Warning: Bathroom humor, not of the literal kind as before.


Breakfast with leftover jam sandwiches from the party before. Whee!  No more microwaved disgust, for now at least.

It seems the blue chair is Stealie’s favorite, as she wound around all the other chairs between this one and the fridge.Stealie 2014-05-07_355 resizeWolfing down the sandwich, she surveyed the room.  “We haven’t done too badly so far, have we?”  Though it feels kind of risky to have that big barbecue grill indoors.  (Paranoid concern: If this house ever burns down, Stealie, you might be accused of arson and worse.)Stealie 2014-05-07_358 resize

Remember the barrage of garbage talk from last night?  As promised, some cleaning up:

Stealie 2014-05-07_359 resize

The grocery store ordered more fish from us.  Stealie went into the market while I waited outside.  Perhaps Stealie turned in the fish she got from unclogging the pipes at city hall the day before?  I didn’t quite catch how much money she got this time, but it brought our net worth to $35,009.

Stealie 2014-05-07_360 resize

Now, what to do for today….

Stealie 2014-05-07_361 resize

She walked around to the back of the store.  “Haven’t been in one of these in a while…”

Oh no.

Stealie 2014-05-07_362 resizeIt was probably a poor choice of activity, as it wasted her very high hygiene bar.

It really is amazing how much treasure is hidden in these dumpsters.  A veritable trove!  This time, we got a moth, a chair, a sofa (I think?), a cheap stereo, a box of tissues, a kitchen utensil holder, and a piece of iron.  And a cockroach.  No surprise there.

Stealie 2014-05-07_363 resize

Hmm, I just noticed that Stealie has a “Disgusted” moodlet from eating disgusting food.  Aww, so she didn’t like the jam sandwich either.  I guess the party jam sandwich is not that different from the mooched jam sandwich.

Stealie 2014-05-07_364 resize

I must have pushed Stealie to dumpster dive too much.  She looked quite queasy.  Oh, Stealie, OH NO:Stealie 2014-05-07_366 resize

Look away!  Trying to give her some space, I looked around for something else to watch.  On the other side of the building, some townspeople were having a not so merry time arguing:

Stealie 2014-05-07_365 resize

Let’s check how Stealie’s doing.

Yup, still at it:

Stealie 2014-05-07_371 resize

A witness!  How extra embarrassing.  Gunther Goth walked past in disgust.

Stealie 2014-05-07_372 resize

But then he paused and walked back to her.  Do I, uh…smell some romance in the air?

Stealie 2014-05-07_376 resize

Look at that glare from Gunther.

Yuck.  Yes, I am ashamed.

Abraham Finkel came over.  Hey, Abe, join the party!

Stealie 2014-05-07_374 resize

Yes, the party here.  Right here.

Stealie 2014-05-07_377 resize

…Not there.

Stealie 2014-05-07_379 resize

Gunther pipes up.  “Oh, hey, Stealie, here’s $21.  I was just on my way to toss it in the dumpster, but someone is blocking my way now.”


Stealie 2014-05-07_382 resize

Against the clattering of Abe’s rummaging through cans and junk, there was a slight awkward pause.  Stealie tried to make conversation.  “So, who do you think was the real Zodiac Killer?”Stealie 2014-05-07_385 resize

Gunther replied, “I do not know, but I am confident that he (or she? or they?) will eventually be brought to justice.”Stealie 2014-05-07_388 resize

Stealie: “Wow, you have so much faith in the justice system.”Stealie 2014-05-07_392 resize

“Oh, no, not in the legal system.  It is up to us citizens to band together to root out the evil.”  (In the game, this talk bubble actually counted as a Pick Up Line.  Gunther hit on her.)  “Shall we join forces?”

“I…I…I need to go shower first.  Can’t you see all the miasma?”

Stealie 2014-05-07_393 resize

“Ok.  I hope to hear from you.”

Stealie 2014-05-07_394 resizeHome.  She tried to phone people for a party but the option to “Throw Party” was greyed out.  Why?  “You can’t throw a party here!”  It was then that I realized that Stealie was still standing on the sidewalk.  Yeesh, she’s on the sidewalk in front of her home!  It reminds me of the time (in real life) when someone in high school was cited by a police officer for breaking curfew when she stepped onto the sidewalk in front of her house to take out the trash.

There are still a couple hours till the swiping hour, so why not fill that time with another fancy party?  Whoo!  We invited folks we’d met but still didn’t know well.

Welcome, everybody!Stealie 2014-05-07_395 resize

Different guests, same food.  Aw. can’t someone bring something other than jam sandwiches?

Hey, I see that some of the guests aren’t the ones we invited.Stealie 2014-05-07_397 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_408 resize

Suddenly, everyone started disapproving of Simis Bachelor.  What had he done?  I don’t know, but I’m guessing he flirted with someone in front of people:Stealie 2014-05-07_402 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_404 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_405 resizeForget Simis for a moment.  Yay more food!Stealie 2014-05-07_409 resize

Time to collect cover charges (Mooch Montage!):

Morgana Wolff ($36): “Stealie, I’ve been practicing all those faces you taught me a while back.”Stealie 2014-05-07_411 resize“Now all I need is someone to draw me like…oh, dammit, what was the line…”Stealie 2014-05-07_414 resizeRick Astley Stiles McGraw ($52 and $20):Stealie 2014-05-07_423 resize

“We’ve known each other for so long.  You know the rules and so do I, I, I…Here’s the mooch moolah.”

Simis ($114):

Stealie 2014-05-07_424 resize“Stealie, I’m so sorry to bring my pariah presence to the party.  Please accept my apologies and my simoleons.”

Wow, people really despise Simis.  See Erin Kennedy boo him: Stealie 2014-05-07_426 resize

“Stealie, I’m contributing $19 to the Kick Simis Out Fund!  Here’s $19.”Stealie 2014-05-07_427 resize

“Uhh, thank you, Erin.”

Stealie met Hank Goddard (slightly surprised he hadn’t shown up earlier in this game). ($18)Stealie 2014-05-07_437 resize

Yeah, right, Hank.  You have Commitment Issues, remember?  Emma knows:

Stealie 2014-05-07_419 resizeStiles looks shocked at his broken plate.  “Huh??  Where’s the other half??”

Stealie 2014-05-07_436 resize

Again, an eruption of Simis-hate.  What do they know that I don’t know??Stealie 2014-05-07_431 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_439 resizeStarting to feel slightly sorry for him:

Stealie 2014-05-07_432 resize

But the party goes on.Stealie 2014-05-07_417 resize

…as does the mooching.

Blair Wainwright ($219).  <– WHOA.  What’s the occasion, Blair?Stealie 2014-05-07_440 resize“Man, this…parrty…is…..ahhhsumm!”  Okay.  Go have a lie down.  Do you need a bed?  Here, let me show you the bedroom—

Ack, why are people going into the bedroom?!  Nothing to see there, folks!

Stealie 2014-05-07_442 resizeNope, Dustin, no sandwiches in here.Stealie 2014-05-07_454 resize

Emma Hatch says, “Totally!  Here’s $56 to the Kick Out Simis Fund.” Stealie 2014-05-07_446 resize“And this party was raaad!”Stealie 2014-05-07_447 resizeShe then just walks out the door.  Stealie sighs a dreamy sigh after her.  “I guess love is a thing that leaves.”Stealie 2014-05-07_451 resize

Stiles in the kitchen.  He seems to be obsessed with dishes, as seen from above.  Stiles, are you suggesting that Kaylynn’s not dishy enough?  Well that’s just as well, because she is only a teen.Stealie 2014-05-07_453 resize

“No, no!  It just bugs me that she’s skipping school!”Stealie 2014-05-07_418 resize

Hey Kaylynn, either you pay the cover charge or you go back to school.  “Oh all right.  Can I get a student discount?  I only got $18.”

The party is winding down.  It’s 8 pm, so we need to get going with the swiping soon.

But not before Stealie’s fed!  She autonomously grabbed a plate of the PBJ sandwich. Stealie 2014-05-07_457 resize

Look at the straggler.  In a nearly empty room, Gunther dances by himself.  Stealie 2014-05-07_459 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_458 resize

Don’t know what he was hoping for.  Another replay of what happened at the dumpster? He finally gave up and left.Stealie 2014-05-07_460 resize

Okeee, time for some swiping!

Hey, a new family has moved in to the house down the road.  (The flag marks Stealie’s house.)  Now we’ll get to meet some non-classic Sims.

Stealie 2014-05-07_461 resize

Melodie Dent.  “Yes, I’d be happy to contribute $59 to the Kick Simis Out Fund.”  Huh?  How did you know about that campaign??Stealie 2014-05-07_463 resize

Never mind.  It’s already 11 pm, which leaves us only one hour to do our swiping.  While I was busy covering for us, Stealie swiped…a barstool!  Aw!  We don’t even have a counter, Stealie.  But good job anyway.  Heads up, Melodie’s coming!

Stealie 2014-05-07_465 resize“*Yawwnn* Yes, Stealie, I take Kick Out Simis very seriously.  Here’s another $21.” Melodie is visibly tired and ready to go to bed.  That doesn’t mean, however, that she should be letting the toddler roam around outside…Stealie 2014-05-07_466 resize

We can’t swipe while anyone is watching, even if the witness is a toddler, so the lawn furniture is out.  Look around for some alternatives…

Stealie 2014-05-07_467 resizeMy, isn’t this a rather…ornate bathroom.  Mmm, the egg and dart.  Sorry, I can get carried away with interior design.  Stealie, go grab that mirror.

Stealie 2014-05-07_468 resize“Done and dusted.”

We waited for the family to go to bed.

“Doesn’t this family have any lamps??”Stealie 2014-05-07_469 resize

I see Stealie walking over to the desk.  Please not the phone not the phone…Stealie 2014-05-07_470 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_471 resizeYes!  We got the chair.

Right before our midnight deadline too!  It is now 11:56pm.  And now we will leave the Dent family in peace…until they move to another house.


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