11. Track a Ghost Through the Fog

Sometimes the most beautiful things…pass us by.


Stealie 2014-05-06_134 resize

Moments after we arrived at the graveyard, Stealie autonomously walked over to the ghost of Milton Bachelor to “tell a funny story.” I was watching, waiting eagerly for this funny story, when Stealie had a sudden change of heart and threw this disgusted face. Stealie 2014-05-06_139 resize“Aaah! The sparkles! It burns!” I dunno…just wait till the glitter fades, Stealie.

Stealie 2014-05-06_141 resize

“So there was this guy who had a Ponzi scheme going and stole a lot of money from people. And…his name was Madoff! Get it? Made-off?”

Hey, Stealie! That’s not funny! A lot of people lost a lot of money!

“Oh, how amusing! You should start your own Ponzi scheme, young lady. I shall be happy to contribute $34. And here’s an extra $8 in case you need to bribe anyone.”

Interesting specimens in the graveyard…

Stealie 2014-05-06_142 resize

The guy with the mohawk is Ransom Clavell. In the Sims, the color of the ghost indicates the cause of death (now wouldn’t that come in handy for forensics investigations). Ransom is blue, which supposedly means that he died from drowning.

Stealie 2014-05-06_145 resize

He reminded us of blue denim.  “Wow, I’ve never met someone with the name Ransom. Who kidnapped you? How much did your family have to pay?”


Stealie 2014-05-06_149 resize“Hey, man, that’s not cool, man, it was a difficult time for me and my family, man.”

“Sorry. But speaking of funny names…have you heard of this guy Madoff?”

Stealie 2014-05-06_147 resize

“Ahahha! Yeah, that’s pretty funny. You’re a pretty funny cookie, Stealie! Hey, man, if you ever build your own Ponzi, man, here’s $39 to start off with.”

Annabelle Oinkslopes. I’m guessing she was electrocuted to death.

Stealie 2014-05-06_150 resize“Are you the young lady who is starting a new Ponzi scheme? I’d like a share before all these mortal fools sign up. How many shares will $21 buy?”

“Well, with inflation, not many. But I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you. Why don’t you stay for a while, dear. There is a nice bench near the pool.”

Stealie 2014-05-06_154 resize

It’s almost 7am. Why are all these ghosts still hanging around?!

Stealie 2014-05-06_156 resize

Gertrude Flansburgh floated up to us.

Stealie 2014-05-06_159 resize

“Would you like a share in my exclusive Ponzi scheme? It is currently offered only to residents of this graveyard.”

“Hmm. How much is a share?”

“You can open an account for $37.”
Stealie 2014-05-06_158 resize“…and you can sign up for Gold Dust Preferred Customer status upgrade for another $17.”

“Yes, please! I’d like that very much.”

Stealie 2014-05-06_160 resize

“…yesss…very much…”Stealie 2014-05-06_162 resizeStealie 2014-05-06_161 resize

They stood in mutual bosom staring pose for a moment. I looked away.

I don’t quite understand yet what goes on in the graveyard. The ghost-ghost interactions are mysterious. Here, I think Ransom is reacting with fear to another ghost. Stealie 2014-05-06_163 resize

Stealie collected some gems, and then I remembered that we can explore the catacombs.

So we hustled over to the mausoleum…

Stealie 2014-05-07_166 resize

…and entered:
Stealie 2014-05-07_167 resizeStealie did not return for several hours. I started to get worried. Her energy bar was approaching zero…when I finally received a notification that she had collected a Large Space Rock.

Then came more notifications (game text in italics):

Stealie has seen many incredible things: cascading underground waterfalls, jewels the size of babies, and partially decomposed, living dead monsters.  She also ran into an apparition that demanded a single strand of her hair.  Fans ask for the darndest things.

Stealie saw and experienced terrible, horrible things! Sims were not meant to hear sounds like the ones echoing through the depths of the catacombs and it may be some time before Stealie is comfortable talking about the misadventure.  Hey, hey!  I’ll have you know Rumours is one of the greatest albums of all time!  Stealie will talk about it when she wants to!

When she finally emerged around noon, she looked like this:

Stealie 2014-05-07_168 resize

Uhh, hi…Cyndi Lauper?  Or have we arrived in the 80s? (<–I hope that didn’t come across as too mean. I’m a Cyndi Lauper fan as well so I meant no harm.)

“Can we please not discuss this now.”Stealie 2014-05-07_169 resize

The phone call she had received at the Langerak house earlier was an offer to buy some of her fish. A reminder now popped up to go turn in the fish now.

“Show up at the store?  Looking like this?”

Don’t worry, Stealie, I’m sure the liquor store folks have seen much wilder things.

Stealie 2014-05-07_171 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_174 resizeThe store gave us $180 for three fish. Was this a good price? I don’t know the simoleon-to-dollar conversion rate so I cannot tell you.

See, Stealie? The townspeople don’t care how you look. Stealie 2014-05-07_172 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_176 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_175 resize

No one looked. I walked by.

Even so, by this time Stealie’s energy and hygiene bars were abysmal.  She headed home to refuel for the evening’s swiping.

Stealie 2014-05-07_178 resize

She slept till early evening. Around 8pm, we returned to the graveyard. We just don’t know what’s good for us.

“I have no fear~”

Stealie 2014-05-07_179 resize

“Don’t fear the reaper~” Lol, that’s someone else’s song, but ok…

Stealie 2014-05-07_180 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_181 resize

“I’ll follow you down, till the sound of my voice will haunt you~!”

Hmm, we could tap in to this stalkerish, vindictive streak and revisit the Langeraks. Oh no, they’re out. The Goth home is nearby. We could try that instead.

Mooching off of Sims…

Stealie 2014-05-07_182 resize

In the night so still…

Stealie 2014-05-07_183 resizeOh you begged me to feed you
In that house on the hill~

Stealie 2014-05-07_185 resizeSorry, Stealie. I know, your plumbbob is a horrid yellow-orange alert. Just hold on for a few more minutes.

Mortimer Goth let us in.  I tried to get photos of their conversation, but no matter which angle I tried, the ceiling lamp kept censoring his side of the conversation.

Stealie 2014-05-07_189 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_194 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_193 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_191 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_190 resizeWhatever he meant, he ended up giving us $35 and $8.

Stealie was too hungry to go on. She desperately mooched some food.Stealie 2014-05-07_196 resize

Again, lamp.

While she wolfed down the meal (and took care of other business), I took a glance at the house:

Stealie 2014-05-07_200 resize

Mortimer sat down to homework. Then his parents came home. The Goths are one of the richest, oldest families in town. They don’t look it, do they?

Stealie 2014-05-07_197 resize

Then Stealie let out a howl and did her evil scheming pose:Stealie 2014-05-07_198 resize

(Once again, lamp.)

Stealie, what has poor Mortimer done to you? He just fed you! Leave him alone…and we can swipe something.

I kept aiming for the nice things, but Stealie kept going towards curtains. Pshh. If you want curtains, Stealie, let’s go to a different (cheaper!) house to practice our curtain-grabbing.

How about…the Bunch house:

Stealie 2014-05-07_202 resize

Arlo greets us at the door. Stealie looks at his face and you can tell what she thinks:

Stealie 2014-05-07_207 resizeNow, now, Stealie. Behave.

Ethan joined us, crowding up the tiny porch…jeez, who designed these houses?!

Ethan: “Yeah, what moron designed this house? Look at this stupid door!”

Stealie 2014-05-07_226 resize

Ethan whispered to us an explanation of the famous Bunch look.  “I know we look horrible. It’s something in the darn water! We’ve tried all sorts of potions to cure it, but it just won’t go away.”

Then they presented this little tableau to me. It seems that they are playing charades.

Stealie 2014-05-07_209 resize

“Two words? Toilet? Money?  Flush!  Flush with cash!”

Speaking of which, Stealie has only about $2,000. I hope we can raise more for our remodeling…

Stealie 2014-05-07_211 resize

“Two thousand?  Pfft.  You call that a home improvement budget?”

We meet again, Judy Bunch. For some reason, she didn’t recognize Stealie so they had to get introduced again.

Stealie 2014-05-07_210 resize

That reminds me of our trivia of the day: did you know that “Stand Back” was supposedly inspired by Prince’s “Little Red Corvette?”

Judy refused our plea for a donation to our remodeling fund…

Stealie 2014-05-07_213 resizeuntil Stealie offered a massage.  “For $43? Sure, I’ll go for it!”

Stealie 2014-05-07_212 resizeI looked away, so I don’t know exactly what happened.  When I came back I saw this:

Stealie 2014-05-07_214 resize

Okay, Stealie.  Time to take care of business!

We headed to the bathroom.

Stealie 2014-05-07_215 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_216 resize

Huh. I’d thought you were going to go for the toilet.

“Oh, this?”

Stealie 2014-05-07_217 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_221 resizeNo, that’s not what I meant. What are we going to do with another toilet!?  “No questions asked!  Not until…none of us is pushed up against the wall!”

By the way, that toilet was swiped RIGHT BETWEEN 11:59 and 12:00. I wonder when it was counted.

The Bunch family doesn’t have much stuff of interest.  We went outdoors to go after the grill (quite appropriately, as Stealie was again really hungry):

Stealie 2014-05-07_222 resizeBut she kept interrupting the swiping with this:

Stealie 2014-05-07_223 resize

Yes, I know!  Just swipe the grill and we’ll get some food!

Stealie 2014-05-07_228 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_229 resizeThank you.

We went back in. There was no rush now, because the grill had used up our swipes at the Bunch house. Stealie introduced herself to Darlene, the girl at the table earlier. They started chatting in the bathroom; it was so cramped that at first I managed to take a photo only from the outside.

Stealie 2014-05-07_232 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_235 resize“Stealie, I’m sorry for being snarky about your remodeling fund. Please forgive me.” She gave us $10.

Stealie 2014-05-07_236 resize

I’d heard a bit about the Bunch family from the forums, but my Sims hadn’t really interacted with them before. Now I can kind of see why they’re famous (in the hideous sense).  I don’t know, I’ve seen more hideous sights, both in the game and in person…

Back inside, Lisa Bunch was innocently and dutifully doing her homework (at 3am):

Stealie 2014-05-07_241 resize

She seemed annoyed when Stealie began chatting to her. “Oh go away! Here, have $34. Good luck with your house >:(”

Stealie seems surprisingly apologetic or guilty.

Stealie 2014-05-07_243 resize

But she still had a moodlet of “fiendlishly delighted” from “taking pleasure in the misfortune of other Sims.” Hmm, wonder when that happened.

Before we left, I took a look around the house.  I don’t know whose room this is, but even in the darkness, this is a PINK room:Stealie 2014-05-07_244 resize

That would have been difficult to coordinate with the other furnishings we’ve swiped (but then again, maybe that’s the fun of it).  It was moot now.

We went to the art museum to use up the rest of the daily swipes.

Taking care of some unfinished business from before:

“Oh fountain, you look so lonely. Where has your twin gone?”

Stealie 2014-05-07_246 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_247 resizeThat’s our third one, I think.

That was it for the swipes.  So it turns out that the toilet swipe (—that sounds a bit eww) counted as one after midnight.  Shucks.  That means that that Venus sculpture will have to wait.

Stealie 2014-05-07_248 resize

When we got home, Stealie headed promptly to bed.  In the Sims, this is all it takes to get ready for bed:

Stealie 2014-05-07_249 resize“Whooo!  Twirl!”

Stealie 2014-05-07_250 resize…While I have to go and think about layouts.  We now have way too many bathroom fixtures.

Stealie 2014-05-07_251 resize

Stealie 2014-05-07_254 resizeStealie 2014-05-07_256 resize

The rules of the challenge allow us to sell items, but I want to see how much we can incorporate into our house first.  I wonder if our house will turn into one of those rural places with a bunch of random junk in the yard.  If so, we have a good start: I have placed one of the bathtubs in the back yard.  No excuse for a low hygiene mood now.


5 thoughts on “11. Track a Ghost Through the Fog

    • Thank you very much, Syagita! English was not my first language. If you want to write a story, just try writing one. Writing is a great way to practice languages! 🙂
      I have only the base game and the Generations expansion. (The Klepto King Challenge requires only the base game.)

      • I’m impressed, Simperatrix! I never would’ve guessed English wasn’t your first language.

        Syagita, your English certainly seems good enough to get your point across; it looks a lot like the way many young Americans write. Or, you could always write in your native language, too; you may find some local friends that way.

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