10. Don’t Stop

In which Stealie visits the Langerak family and…well, has some fun.


Although she had successfully swiped some artistic valuables the night before, Stealie was so down about not getting the fighter jet statue.  We went down to the gym and up the stairs to the big room of mirrors for some soul-searching reflection.

Before meditating about her Klepto progress, she rolled her eyes at herself.  “Pfft, can’t even swipe some lousy statues…”

2014-05-05_0055 resize

But then she got distracted by the gorgeous (and rather durable) Klepto dress:2014-05-05_0058 resize

“Hehhee, check this out!  Not a scratch so far!”

Feeling considerably cheered up, she went downstairs to grab some food and a shower.  There’s no public sleeping allowed in this game, so we went home to sleep in at home…until 4 pm.

“Good morning!”  Uhm, “Morning,” Stealie.  What shall we do today?

“Rock!”  Huh?

Stealie 2014-05-06_066 resize

Oh, hey!  Good idea. So we spent the rest of the aftermoon gem hunting, trying our hand at finding the famously elusive pink diamond.  
Stealie 2014-05-06_063 resize

Stealie 2014-05-06_067 resizeAlas, they were all rubies or the cheaper gems.

Stealie still does not have enough points to have the Collection Helper, so the darkness soon was too much to keep on searching for gems.  You know what that means!  Time for the daily Swipe Fest.

Today’s honorable swipee: the Langeraks.  Iliana kindly greets us at the door:Stealie 2014-05-06_074 resize

…And takes a long, longing look at…well, Stealie’s endowment.Stealie 2014-05-06_073 resizeSpeaking of endowment, the Langeraks are rich!  I’d forgotten this, because most of the Sims glitterati spotlight goes to the Landgraabs, Goths, and Altos.  The Langeraks live in a much more modest suburban house, but it is still chock full of goodies:Stealie 2014-05-06_076 resize

Hey, they have a dining table!  We could use one of those.  And a nicer stereo!  And a guitar!Stealie 2014-05-06_077 resizeOr the TV that we missed at the Alto house:

Stealie 2014-05-06_075 resizeWhile the main living space has this nice open floor plan, the house has a curiously narrow entry hall.  A traffic jam started as soon as we entered, as the ladies of Langerak House converged on the tiny vestibule:Stealie 2014-05-06_078 resize

The girl in the back is Kaylynn, obviously right after a retro 50s makeover.

Stealie immediately sets to work on the captive audience:Stealie 2014-05-06_079 resize

Desperate to escape the traffic jam, Iliana paid $38.

More family members came home to clog up the space:

Stealie 2014-05-06_080 resizeThe mooching is done but the audience is still here.  Nothing else to do but more chest looks.  (Sigh, I guess I should be used to this by now.)Stealie 2014-05-06_081 resize

Stealie 2014-05-06_083 resize

“You know, Iliana, there are operations you can get to become bustier.  All you have to do is pay a small fee and I’ll sign you up for the waiting list for the best surgeon in town, Dr. Tuckingham-Nips!”  (Oh wow, bonus points if you got the reference!)

Stealie 2014-05-06_085 resize

“Erm…Thank you, Stealie.  I’ll think about it.”


Stealie 2014-05-06_087 resize

The door opened and Dustin came home.  Even more people in the tiny hallway.  Stealie can barely stretch her arms:Stealie 2014-05-06_091 resize

Iliana trudged off to bed, so Stealie introduced herself.  “You know, I think your wife Iliana would really benefit from seeing Dr. Tuckingham-Nips.  It could really help spice things up in bed.”Stealie 2014-05-06_094 resize

Dustin: “In bed, eh?  Hmm.  Sure, here’s $63.”

“Thank you, Dustin.  Iliana’s lucky to have such a supportive husband.”

“If this doctor’s as good as you say, Stealie, she’s gonna be needing a whole lot more support, if you know what I mean!  Harr!  You know what, here’s another $9 if you can bump us up the list.”

Zelda Mae, Iliana’s sister, was hanging out on the backyard deck.  Stealie went up to her to enlist her sisterly support for Iliana’s operation:Stealie 2014-05-06_095 resize“Of course, Stealie!  It’s so considerate of you to be looking after Iliana’s interests.  Though the largest amount I can afford to contribute is $33.  Plus the tip of $38.”  Sims logic strikes yet again!  When we click on “mooch” money, the townsfolk keep giving us “small amounts” that are much larger than the “large amounts.”

“Thank you, Zelda.”

Stealie 2014-05-06_102 resize

“Of course, of course!  I’m hoping the operation will have a huuuuge difference!”

“Excuse me.  I have to take this call.  In fact, it’s the doctor who’s calling.”

Back inside, we were waiting around for everyone to go to bed.  The younger Sims seem more alert; they tend to hang around when we visit the houses, making it rather difficult to swipe.  Here’s Iliana’s daughter Kaylynn, who was still wandering around the house but was so exhausted that she fell asleep and fused into Stealie:

Stealie 2014-05-06_104 resize

“Zzzz.  Must…not…let you…swipe!  Zzzz.”  Then she woke up with a gasp.  “Oh, Stealie!  I’m so sorry I stepped on your dress.”

“Don’t worry, Kaylynn.  This dress is indestructible!  Why, if you knew of all the things I’ve had to do in it…”

Stealie 2014-05-06_110 resize

“This dress has seen me through so much.  Even when I really need to flex my muscles or do something athletic, it is so comfortable.  I highly recommend it.”Stealie 2014-05-06_113 resize“Thanks for the advice, Stealie.  I’ll look for something like it when I age up and get a makeover.  But I’m kinda sleepy now, so I’ll head off to bed.  Good night.”


Stealie 2014-05-06_114 resize

Now, to business.

Quick glance to make sure no one’s around:

Stealie 2014-05-06_121 resize

But there is so much stuff here.  I know barely where to start.  Stealie seems to like this armchair:Stealie 2014-05-06_120 resize

Stealie 2014-05-06_123 resize

“Meh.  It’s not as comfortable as it looks.”  Actually, Stealie, I hadn’t thought it looked all that comfortable…

Here, try the TV.  It seems ripe for the swiping…

Stealie 2014-05-06_124 resize…but that couch is in the way, so Stealie just keeps walking over to the lamps.  Please, Stealie, not another lamp!


While I was looking around for something nice to swipe, she either sat there watching the movie or walked around looking at things as well.  During the course of this scouting, she showed me that the Evil side of her is truly starting to shine through.  She pulled the most wicked faces I’ve seen so far in the Sims:

Stealie 2014-05-06_118 resizeStealie 2014-05-06_119 resize

Wait, it gets crazier.  She finally glides over to the stereo (as I think, “Yay!  Finally, something worthwhile to swipe!”):Stealie 2014-05-06_125 resize

But then:Stealie 2014-05-06_126 resize

“Just like the white winged dooooove!  Sings a song!  Sounds like she’s singing!”

Huh??  Wait a minute, Stealie—Stealie 2014-05-06_128 resize“I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT!  I LOOOVE YOU!”

Stealie, shush!Stealie 2014-05-06_127 resize“DON’T SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME!”

Okay, I wasn’t going t—


Stealie 2014-05-06_131 resize“TUSK!!!”

Stealie, tone it down or we’ll have to get you out of here—
Stealie 2014-05-06_129 resize“STAND BACK!  STAND BACK!”

C’mon, Stealie, keep it down!


Stealie 2014-05-06_130 resize“IT’S ALL RIGHT!  IT’S ALL RIGHT!”

No, it’s not, Stealie!  Please!



Sigh.  The result of all this was not surprising.  Before we were able to swipe anything, Iliana kicked us out.

But at least one of us is not too disappointed:

Stealie 2014-05-06_133 resize“WHY DON’T YOU TAAAAAAAKE ME HOOOOME!”


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