9. Was Just a Wish

A day full of wishes.  Some are granted.  Others not.


Stealie rose with a wish to go fishing.  Not for people’s money or bank account info, but real fish.  First, however, we should do a little cleanup.  The kitchen is a mess (hey, a pun! haharr) with piles of microwave meals, and the front porch is strewn with old newspapers, as we gathered from the paper boy’s daily harangues.  Even Stealie, normally preoccupied with mooching, felt a little bad about the garbage situation as she reflected in Gobias’ garden the night before:

2014-04-26_00068 resizeJust the thought of the rubbish put her in a grimy mood, as the first thing she did when getting home was to take a bath.  Which, incidentally, happens to be only one of the many fixtures stolen from others.  Spot the spoils of Stealie’s swiping:

2014-04-26_00088 resize

The red toilet, the tub, the curtains, the towels.  Our color scheme seems to be “patriotic.”

Back to the housework for today.  But in Sims time, throwing out the meals and the newspapers takes hours.  Once that was done, there were still the bills stuffed into the mailbox.  The average bill has now ballooned to $118.  Ack!  Must be the Ambiguity sculptures and the Speedster cars.  Thank you, luxury items, for seriously cramping our style.


2014-04-26_00089 resize

What’s the matter, Stealie?

2014-04-26_00090 resizeSigh.  The bathroom needs cleaning too.  This is getting to be too much like real life.  At least I should be grateful I don’t have the Ambitions expansion pack, because that pack comes with LAUNDRY.  Why oh why.  I like the Sims for the gems and ripe fruit free for the picking, the ability to build and remodel with no thought of permits or laborers or other construction nightmares, the free taxi rides to anywhere, and clothes that stay clean no matter where or how long you go cavorting and capering around town.  The fantasy, in other words.  Doing laundry is exactly the thing I am escaping from when the Sims load up on the computer!

Plus, why would you include the laundry function in an expansion pack called AMBITIONS?  Yes, my lofty goal in life is to cave in to all the detergent adverts and live ecstatically among the bubbles and snuggly-clean towels!!

Even if we did have Ambitions (the expansion pack, I mean—don’t worry, we still have aspirations for glory), I wonder if we’d be able to stuff Stealie’s dress into our machine anyway.  Seems more like a job for the dry cleaners.2014-04-26_00091 resize

While I was ranting, Stealie finished up on the cleaning.  She finally got her wish to fish.  She mostly took a rest from the klepto lifestyle today, and instead let the day roll by while she fished by the waterfalls.2014-04-26_00092 resize

Her only break from the fishing was to harvest some fresh vegetables nearby.  Then back to fishing.  Lots of fishing.2014-04-26_00094 resize

When night fell, we remembered our goal from the previous night of swiping that aircraft sculpture on the military base.  So when the clock hit midnight, we went over to the military base with anticipation.  Heh, it was still missing one of the flagpoles; of course it was, because it is currently on our lot!

Back to important business.  We’d come for the jet fighter.  However, to our shock and disappointment, the swiping option was not available. Hmm.

Stealie 2014-05-06_070 resize

We then went to the science lab and tried to steal the fountain.  Again, no swiping options.  Hmmm.

Stealie 2014-05-06_071 resize

Central Park, then.  Try for the fountain again.  We attempted a bunch of swipes but Stealie never was able to approach the fountain.  Hmmmmmm.

Aww.  Fine, let’s go drown our sorrows…by stealing at the graveyard.2014-04-26_00097 resize

Here again, we were thwarted.  Ghosts were watching so we did not feel free to swipe.  Stupid witnesses.

We went searching for an answer up the stairs and down the hall on the forums, and it seems that certain items are immune to stealing.  Among these are the fighter sculpture and the large fountains.  But people also claim that toilets cannot be stolen, which Stealie has disproved rather enthusiastically (the house currently has as many toilets as rooms).

Oh well.  It’s back to the trusty old art museum for us, then, with its easy pickings.  Which is where we scored another one of these:2014-04-26_00099 resize

And where certain artwork jived well with our existential angst from the night:

2014-04-26_00100 resize

And where we had to settle for a smaller fountain than the ones we were coveting earlier:

2014-04-26_00104 resize

2014-04-26_00105 resizeFor that last swipe, did you notice that Stealie was facing one fountain but ended up swiping the one farther away?  I had fully expected her to take the closer one, so I did a slight double-take when that swipe happened.  For a second I was confused as to whether she had taken anything.

Yikes, I hadn’t noticed the alarming color of Stealie’s plumbob!  By now it was a raging orange.  Time to get home before a temper erupts.

By the time she stepped through the doorway, Stealie was starving.  Good thing we had that harvest from the morning.  Dinner was one bunch of grapes.

2014-05-05_0053 resize

Her dream bubble tells me that she’s singing “Storms.”  “Every night that goes between, I feel a little less.”  Oh dear.  Don’t despair, Stealie!  We’ll get better.  There’s still (almost) a whole world of furniture waiting to be stolen!


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