8. You Are a Magnet, and I Will Steal

Some people are just…naturally inviting.


Woke up hungry.  Noticed that someone had moved in across the street.  The house doesn’t look worth burgling, so maybe we’ll just ask for some breakfast.2014-04-26_00040 resize

The Purnell family owns this fine home.2014-04-26_00041 resize

Stealie: “I wanna be a star!  I don’t belong in a dump like this!”2014-04-26_00044 resize

Hayley Purnell: “Now don’t be such a drama queen, Stealie.  Sunset Valley is a fine place, for honest folks at least.” 2014-04-26_00045 resize

Despite her lecture on dialing down the drama, she and her husband started freaking out when Stealie volunteered to cook breakfast:2014-04-26_00046 resize

Maybe they were just star-struck?  Nope, they scolded her for “behaving inappropriately” (Sunset Valley-ites can be such prudes.  Breakfast!  Oh the humanity!  Think of the children!).

They just stood around and vented.  Suit yourselves.  Stealie’s hungry.2014-04-26_00047 resize

I’d thought that constantly carrying around a harvest of fruits and vegetables would prevent that kind of hunger, but I guess that was naive.  Well, if we’re not gonna eat it, let’s sell it.  Selling the harvest brought in $239.  That’s a lot of salads.  And there’s more of where that came from, in the yard of the criminal hangout, where Stealie hopes for a harvest of a different sort:

2014-04-26_00058 resize

While harvesting, we found out that Agnes is no longer our friend.  Sob.  Was it because we didn’t clean up all the newspapers in our front yard?2014-04-26_00039 resize

Yup.  Hasn’t changed since yesterday.  Paper boy complaining again.

More harvesting at the science lab.  We bumped into Bella Bachelor and found out that she dislikes Stealie.  I guess Bella’d always been suspicious of us ever since we visited her family on Day 5.2014-04-26_00059 resize“I love the Mac too, Bella!  Especially the cheesy bits.  Come in out of the darkness, and I’ll name a song after you.”  But Bella doesn’t cooperate.  She will go on to meet—famously in Sims lore—a mysterious fate.

The darkness signals the arrival of our favorite time of night: the Swiping Hours!  Whose doorbell of doom will ring tonight?2014-04-26_00061 resize

“Hi, Gobias!  How did those acting materials I gave you yesterday at the beach work out for you?”

2014-04-26_00065 resize

“They were just great, Stealie, just great!  You got any more?  If you do, I’ve got $37 for you.”  Thanks, Gobias!  You have just set a record mooch amount!  On top of that, he gave us another $10.  I hope it wasn’t his last $10.  2014-04-26_00066 resizeGobias, judging from your generosity, we would never have guessed you’re an out-of-work actor.  “Oh no, I’m a Fertilizer Analyst in Scientific Research.”  Oh.

2014-04-26_00067 resizeSo Stealie finds out that he’s rich.  And yet you still drive a Big Lemon, Gobias?  You’ve no excuse, because we did not steal a fancy car from you.  Don’t worry, though, because we won’t waste our precious swipes on a Big Lemon.

2014-05-05_0002 resizeHey, um…nice bathroom.  I guess this game is realistic in that some of the most expensive paintings are such dreadful pieces.

2014-04-26_00069 resize

That tub does get in the way.  All we managed to swipe was the towel rack.  And then Gobias himself came up to chat with us.  Distractions!  Perhaps we should head outside, where the cool night breeze will calm us down…

2014-04-26_00071 resize

…and plenty more worthwhile things await our attention.

Speaking of attention, Gobias’ was clearly directed elsewhere.  Only a big glass plate wall separated us, and he still did not see us!

Here, Gobias, we shall make it very obvious to you:

2014-04-26_00072 resize2014-04-26_00073 resizeNope.  That Game of Thrones episode upset you that much, huh?  (Note: I don’t watch or know that much about that show, only that it created some stir recently.)

Much of the evening was taken up in pacing around items to swipe and then being interrupted by Gobias.  If the painting in the bathroom is too difficult, we thought, we’ll just aim for the fountain below the stairs.  “No one looked~ as I swiped by~”

2014-04-26_00075 resize

But nooo.  “Hey, Stealie, whatcha up to?”

“Oh, I was just humming.  Yup, just humming.  You know the opening to ‘Stand Back’?”2014-04-26_00076 resize

“Maybe…Wow am I tired.  Think I’ll hit the sack soon.”  <– Hey!  Finally succeeded in doing a Tobias-style double entendre!

“I can’t wait I can’t wait!!!”  <– This also is from an actual Stevie Nicks song, though I cannot comment on whether the original music video matches Stealie’s rendition here:

2014-04-26_00077 resize

“I can’t wait!”  Hush, Stealie, let’s wait till he gets to bed.

However, after several unsuccessful attempts to swipe and despite Gobias’ sleepiness, Stealie and Gobias ended up chatting.

All of a sudden, Gobias leaned forth and began singing, “Well I never thought I’d make it here in Hollywood~”

2014-04-26_00081 resize

He continues: “What I seem to touch these days has turned to gold~!”

2014-04-26_00080 resize

Gobias still crooning: “And love is only ooone fine star away~!!”

Stealie: “Uh-huh.  Got any canned soup?”

Considering Tobias’ dreams and background, I think Gobias’ choice of the song “After the Glitter Fades” was rather apt.  Let us hope for our net worth’s sake, Gobias, that you remain glittery and sparkly and fabulous forever!

When Stealie autonomously mooched some food, it reminded me that we had entered a new day and thus had more mooches available.  To kick off this lovely day, Gobias forked over a large amount of $70.  Wow!  Another record!  Everything you touch has turned to gold!

2014-04-26_00083 resizeMaybe he was too tired to count his money.  While putting away his wallet, he dropped another $10.  What a lovely man…even though his house may be missing a roof:

2014-04-26_00082 resize

Seriously, though, if someone knows how to stop that missing-ceiling syndrome, please let me know!  I have searched the forums to no avail.

(On further reflection, I cannot remember whether we had used up all our swipes from the earlier day.  If the new day started before we finished swiping, it means we missed a couple of swiping opportunities.  Drats.)

In the nick of time, we swiped the fountain! 2014-04-26_00084 resizeThis was right before (and quite possibly why) we got kicked out.  So, the catch of the day comes down to these: Ambiguity Itself sculpture, towels, and fountain.  Not bad.  At least we have something to wipe our dirty, moochy hands.

As soon as she got home, Stealie started thinking of what to swipe next. 2014-04-26_00085 resizeIt seems we’ll aim for that spaceship sculpture on the military base before we get a nicer fridge…oh well, Stealie says spaceship, and she’s the one who has to live with the gross leftover fumes:2014-04-26_00086 resize


2 thoughts on “8. You Are a Magnet, and I Will Steal

  1. The missing roof is because EA did not put in a ceiling way back when. You have to edit it and put and put flooring on the top, but under the roof. In some cases of open upstairs floor plans, you have to move you camera up, then use tab mode to lower down a level.

    This is good fun. I think Stealie is doing a good job with the challenge.

    • Thanks for the tips. I did know the thing about having to put the floor in, which is unfortunate because I love me some double-height or cathedral ceilings 😦 Will keep the camera up&tab thing in mind next time I play, but I think this is what I usually do already. The camera can be a bit tricky, especially with the tiny rooms EA likes to include in the game. Waaa! Why can’t we have nice photos of beautiful, soaring ceilings?! :p

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