Week 1 Reflections

Now that Stealie and the blog have survived a whole Sim week, we decided to do an entry that is a break from the usual daily report.  Here we offer our thoughts gleaned so far on the Klepto King Challenge.

No landslides here, I hope.

No landslides here, I hope.

Progress Check

As of the end of Day 9, Stealie’s net worth is $31,782.  Only about half of that is actual “progress” we’ve made, because single Sims start off in the game with $16,500.  That calculates to less than $1,700 per day that we’ve managed to gain.  Even if we succeed in keeping that rate, we’ll reach only $85,000 net worth, far short of our Lifetime Wish of $100,000.  Sob!  Despair!  Perhaps we should look for other ways to rake in more simoleons.  Nothing else matters!

[Update from Day 10: Oh no!  For some reason, the net worth has gone down to $27,909.  If that’s just because of depreciation, wow.  I guess even our new acquisitions were not enough to make up for it.]

The Hardest Aspects of the Challenge

It comes as no surprise that the challenge of the challenge is swiping valuable items, rather than mere wall lights and curtains.  What makes it especially hard are the changes made between now and when Sims first started swiping things.  For instance, Sims are no longer able to swipe things from inside community buildings; this challenge was probably much easier to do when people could simply go into the art museum and take all the valuable paintings, or the gym and take all the expensive exercise equipment or fridge or bar appliances.  There are also plenty of objects outdoors that are off-limits.  As Stealie will confirm in a couple of days, the coveted airplane sculpture ($75,000) outside of the military complex is NOT SWIPEABLE, despite reports to the contrary!

The players who joined the challenge earlier on were allowed to steal unlimited cars; then the rules changed to place a 5-car limit.

Another concern involves EA story progression and its rate of family turnover.  In the Klepto King challenge, you’re allowed to steal from the same house again only if a different family has moved in.  Let’s hope the Altos and Ms. Crumplebottom move houses, as there’s much more treasure in their homes than we have managed to nick.  [Edit: The original creator of the challenge allows you to move families in Edit Town mode.  Kinda sounds like cheating to me, but oh well.  I’ll avoid interfering unless it gets really desperate.]

I find that I am terrible at keeping track of the timing as well.  We’ll be visiting in the target house, and when we try to swipe something, either of a couple things happen: 1, the game will tell us that we’ve already used up our daily swipe allowance, or 2, somebody will enter the room, and while we’re waiting for them to leave, BOOM it’s past midnight and our swipes have expired.

This one is less dire, but another quirky problem I’ve found is that the mooched food often gives Stealie a “disgusted” moodlet.  We’re required to mooch our food instead of buying it, so it seems we are stuck with feeling disgusted.  Perhaps we are allowed to eat fresh food that we harvest from the gardens?

Mystery to Me

There are a few things that puzzle me about the challenge.  The original rules did not address dumpster-diving, so is it allowed?  The rules did say stealing from community lots is always ok, so I assume dumpster-diving would be legit (it’s not really stealing, anyway).  A more pressing question is whether we’re allowed to trade in our Lifetime Reward points for an Inheritance of $30,000; such a sudden cash bonus does not seem to fit with the spirit of the challenge, but the rules did say that LTRs were allowed…

The rules say that once we’ve used our three swipes on one home, we are not allowed to go swipe again at that house until a different family moves in.  What if I’ve swiped only two things?  May I return to the house to use up that one more swipe?

And another thing: does anyone know whether being friends with someone improves the Klepto’s chance of mooching success?

[Edit: I was also wondering whether the Omni Plant in the Science Lab grounds are allowed. The thread on ModTheSims says no to growing your own Omni Plants without specifying Science Lab, but I am going to assume they’re off limits.]

The Hardest (But Also Fun!) Aspects of Blogging 

This blog and the Moodici blog are the first blogs I’ve ever kept about the Sims.  Naturally, there are small challenges and surprises that come up here outside of gameplay.  Here are the trickiest bits so far:

Keeping mooches interesting:  It would be boring if all I wrote were “Mooched $12 from Christopher Steel.  Mooched $5 from Cornelia Goth.  Mooched $9 from Agnes Crumplebottom.”  That’s why it is worth being creative with the narration and reading a lot into the Simlish conversations that Sims have.  I’ll do my best to keep it up for the rest of the challenge!

Thinking of references for the titles:  The title for every daily post contains a reference to Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks.  I don’t slap on any old lyric, though.  The references are selected with care to relate to what happens in that particular post.  I hope at least someone enjoys it! 🙂

Balancing how much “meta” to share:  I’m still debating how much narration to do.  Should I just write from Stealie’s point of view?  I think for now I will stick with the combination of “Stealie’s actions + my commentary.”  The other question is about how much “behind the scenes” stuff people want to see. Take this Reflections post, for example.  Should I skip these and just get back to the Kleptoing?

Ideas for Later

I keep having ideas for something cool to do later on.  For one thing, I’ve started to compile a timelapse screenshot gallery of the house as it fills up with furniture over time.  I would take a photo of the top-down view of the rooms from the same position for each day.  At the end, you could speed through all the pics to see how it filled up with the stolen goodies!

We’ll cross the bridge when we get to it, but my “inner builder” keeps fantasizing about how to remodel the house.  My mind is struggling with how to expand the house to my liking while keeping the original walls and “style” intact.  Maybe we’ll do the remodeling if Stealie hits a midlife crisis, as Sims with a midlife crisis are likely to wish for remodeling.

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