7. Sisters of the Mooch

I cared not for love, [just] money.


The paper boy refuses to deliver more newspapers.  He insists that we have too many on the lot already.  Pff, what is he going on about—?2014-04-26_00039 resize

Oh.  He has a point.

Meh, we get all our news from the intarwebs!  Besides, we’re too busy moochin’ and stealin’ to keep up with the goings-on of the world!  Got bigger fish to fry.

Speaking of fish to fry, we must catch this fish first.  We had better luck this time than before, though all we caught were anchovies.2014-04-26_00001 resize

The water in Sunset Valley possesses strange qualities.  Look what happens to fabrics that come near it:Stealie 0263 resize

In that shot above, Stealie’s not actually in the water.  She’s standing on the sand.  Hmm.

Vita Alto stopped by.  Some of her furniture had gone missing last night.  She suspects something. 2014-04-26_00002 resize

You’d better get some evidence before you start drawing conclusions, Vita!  If you were to go to the police, we got a lot of dirt on you, too!

That’s enough threatening for today.  On to our Mooch Montage:

The sunshine and sea breeze have put Blair Wainwright in a generous mood, and Stealie benefits to the tune of $34 and $9.2014-04-26_00003 resize

Beau Andrews is not as generous, but he still gave us $10.2014-04-26_00005 resize

Tired from the day’s excursion, we were about to go home when we met Gobias Koffi, the Sims’ answer to Tobias Funke:2014-04-26_00008 resizeJust like Tobias, Gobias is constantly thinking about the acting world.

“This is your lucky day, Gobias!  My pamphlet on method acting is on sale.  Would you like a copy?”

“Wow, even at the large amount of $34, that’s a steal!”

“Heh!  You can’t spell Stealie without ‘steal.’  For a limited time, you can also buy my improv acting DVD for only $9!”

“Wow!  You rock, Stealie!”

2014-04-26_00009 resize

Oh yes, that reminds me…in the Sims world, there are rocks on the ground free for the collecting.  Stealie took off running:

2014-04-26_00010 resizeHey, Stealie, where exactly are you going?

A teensy rock lay at the bottom of the cliff, in a dip in the sand.

2014-04-26_00011 resize

Whoo!  It turned out to be an uncut luminorious gem, one of the more valuable kinds of Sims gems.

As though on cue, the sun set.  It was time to select the next stop on our tour of Great Houses of Sunset Valley.  While fishing, we’d admired the house on the cliff, the Wolff residence, and so it was here that we headed in our still-shiny ride:

2014-04-26_00012 resize2014-04-26_00013 resize

Morgana Wolff was standing around on the porch, still in her scrubs, thinking about the medical supplies that she’d pilfered from work.  She kept thinking of about them for a while.  She wasn’t the only one who was distracted, as there was something rather expensive catching our eye:

2014-04-26_00016 resizeOnce inside, they started chatting about music.  “You know what I’ve had stuck in my head all day?  ‘Planets of the Universe.'”2014-04-26_00022 resize

“Hmm.  I myself have been humming ‘Sisters of the Moon’ this whole afternoon.”2014-04-26_00021 resize

They stood around in the Wolffs’ home gym for a while.  That Morgana sure loves to chat.  Stealie began itching to start the mooching.  She got her chance soon enough.

2014-04-26_00018 resize

“Wow, Stealie!  I love that face you make.  You must teach me how to do it.”

“Well, all you have to do is jut out your lower lip in a grimace, and inflate your nostrils a bit.”

2014-04-26_00017 resize

“Like this?”

2014-04-26_00025 resize

“Well, no.  Really think of all the bajillions of simoleons in the world for you to take.  Oh, the glory!  Oh, all the lamps!”

2014-04-26_00019 resize

“Keep at it.  You’ll get the hang of it.”

“I’ll try.  Thanks for the lesson, Stealie.  Here’s $9.  Whew, who knew a little of bit of facial exercise could be so fatiguing…”

2014-04-26_00023 resize

With Morgana off to get some beauty sleep, there were no more prying eyes.  Stealie returned to the item that had been so distracting earlier:

2014-04-26_00027 resize“Can’t be worth that much.  There’s a big gaping hole in it.”  Eh, it’s still art, I guess.

2014-04-26_00028 resize

2014-04-26_00029 resize“There.  Now this space has much better feng shui.”  I hope Morgana will be pleased.

“This garage could also use some better feng shui.”

2014-04-26_00030 resize

“Too much clutter here.  Downsize.”

2014-04-26_00031 resize

2014-04-26_00032 resize

“Okay.  My feng shui senses cannot operate in the darkness now.”  Whatever you say, Stealie.

The light of the blue lamp drew Stealie back inside to the gym.  2014-04-26_00035 resize

Stealie, I know you have a thing for blue lamps but please stick to something a bit more valuable.  Yeah, like the exercise equipment.  I bet the Wolffs never use it and it’s just taking up space.

2014-04-26_00036 resize

She was about to go for the exercise machine, but I cancelled it and told her to go for the treadmill in the mistaken belief that the treadmill is more expensive.  Oops!  Sorry, Stealie!

“Grrr.  I might as well have gotten that blue lamp I wanted.”

2014-04-26_00038 resize

Well, at least the Wolffs didn’t catch us downsizing their assets without their permission.  Throughout the spree, Morgana and Thornton slept peacefully and solidly, without even a dream bubble to disturb the night air:

2014-04-26_00034 resizeWe went home to the fanfare of achieving our wish to reach $25,000 in net worth.  Whoo!  Well done, Stealie.  Though we could’ve been half a grand richer had we gone for that exercise machine…or that sun disk outside…or that fridge…oh well.

4 thoughts on “7. Sisters of the Mooch

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  3. The facial expressions but had me barking laughter in public. Thanks for that :p

    Great chapter and I just saw our comment. Ill be updating all the static pages this weekend and will definitely add Stealie, I’ll also try and get it reading moodici when I get a spare half hour 🙂

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