6. Take Your Silver Spoon

Stealie’s dealings with two of the richest families in town.  Rock on, klepto moocher.


Stealie’s inventory contained some extra harvest, so we began the morning by selling off some of these fruits of our stealing.  She never would’ve eaten all that raw garlic anyway.  Plus we don’t want to scare off the vampires, if there are any around!  (There aren’t.  I don’t have that expansion pack.)Stealie 0021 resize

Now to pay those pesky bills.  That’s another $60+ gone.

And then it’s off to the gym for some nice S&M.  Shower and Mooches, that is.
Though I guess some of us are dressed for the other kind of S&M:Stealie 0216 resize

It’s a good thing that the challenge imposes no limits on the mooching, because I can hardly keep track of who/where we’ve robbed already.  Keeping track of the mooching is feasible only thanks to having this blog. Time for the daily Mooch Montage!Stealie 0215 resize Stealie 0217 resize Stealie 0219 resize

We met some new faces (and their money): Sunny Bakshi ($20), Ian Bowler ($4), and Anne Song ($21 + $8).

Plus some familiar faces.  Old friends acquaintances, can you beat the new townies?  Jocasta Bachelor started us with $19 and $4.

Christopher Steel ponies up a “large” amount of $19 and then a “small” amount of $22.  How does that make sense?  Perhaps we are in some alternative universe, where Sim logic reigns supreme:

Stealie 0218 resize

Cornelia Goth refused both our mooches.  And she from the oldest family in Sunset!  Pshaw, Cornelia, way to stay 1%.  Nevertheless, Stealie wished to “group up” with Cornelia.  It was right around this point that I remembered that someone else posted that his/her biggest source of moolah in this challenge was fish sales.  Cornelia, we’re going fishing!  And don’t bring your yacht!

Stealie sets to work…

Stealie 0220 resize…while Cornelia watches, not too engrossed.Stealie 0221 resize

And soon Cornelia walks off.  “I should’ve stayed at the gym.”
Stealie 0222 resize

That afternoon of fishing produced zero catch.  Maybe we should think of some other way to get money.

Ack, it’s 7:00pm already!  Let’s head to Vita’s and see how she’s doing in this alternative universe.

Stealie 0223 resize

This one-percenter lives in a pink, frilly house on the top of the hill.  “What a lovely house you have.  I like the, uh, enormity of it.”

Stealie 0224 resizeLet’s see if “complimenting” her home has paved the way to mooching off of Vita.  “So, Vita, where’s that stash of cash your husband Nick nicked?”


Stealie 0226 resize

“You know.  I know all about that Italian job.”

“Oh, you want to work at our pizzeria?”

“No!  That heist Nick did for the Sunset boss!”

“Stealie, I have no idea what you mean!  But will you keep quiet about it for $21?”  See?  Mooching pays better than working at the pizzeria.

Stealie and Vita should keep their voices down.  Little did they know they were being watched from outside:

Stealie 0227 resize

“[Gasp!]  What was that sound?”

Stealie 0228 resize They go outside and see a car drive off.  Vita’s daughter Holly is home.  “Vita, are you sure it’s a good idea to have your daughter running around town past curfew?  What if the sheriff found out?”  He won’t, because Vita gives another $9 to ensure silence.

Speaking of Holly, what the heck is she wearing?! Stealie 0234 resizeHolly, you were raised better than that.  At least in Riverview, anyway!  (Okay, I’ll stop now with the Moodici plugs.)

Stealie does not approve:

Stealie 0232 resize

“People are sexier when they keep their clothes on, Holly.  Anyway, who were those guys with you in the car?  Don’t you think your mother ought to know about them?”

“Ohmigod please don’t!  Don’t tell her!  You can have anything I have.  Here, here’s $34 from my purse.”

“Dang, girl!  The rich sure know how to handle pocket money.”

Stealie 0236 resize“Oh I don’t get an allowance.  It’s from the guy who just bought all my cocaine.”


Holly was still rummaging in her pockets.  “Oh hey!  There was another $9.  How’d I miss that?”

In the meantime: Vita looks as though she’s having that moment from the Shining where the hotel chef is watching TV and enters that psychic trance.  Dang, that’s twice that the Shining has come up in this story, and I don’t even like that film that much.  Anyway, enjoy the trance, Vita.  Let’s hope no harm is coming to your loved ones:

Stealie 0241 resize

Stealie 0239 resize

Back to business.  Holly did say we could have anything we wanted.  Again, I’d forgotten that we’d already used  up our three swipes.  Sob.  Okay, Stealie, you can go back to eating your Mooched Microwave Meal (registered TM).

Stealie 0243 resizeI guess we could join Vita and watch TV (jeez, rich people, don’t you have anything better to do?  Like world domination?).Stealie 0242 resize

She, however, went to bed before we could join her.  Good night, dear Vita.  Mind if we stick around another hour to [ahem] take care of your belongings?Stealie 0247 resize

It was still not past midnight, so we tried to nap on the sofa.  Our silent attempt immediately brought Vita and Holly running out from their beds and screaming that Stealie was “behaving inappropriately.”  Sorry, was our napping too loud?  We’ll try to keep it down…Stealie 0250 resize

Then Holly tried to brightened Stealie’s day.  Thanks for cheering us up, Holly.  “Yeah, don’t be a square.  Be a circle!”

Stealie 0252 resize

“Dude, you know what’s awesome?  The other day, I swiped a flagpole!”

Stealie 0253 resize

“Agh, that’s evil!  You steal things?”

Stealie 0254 resizeSo Holly and Stealie just found out that their traits are incompatible (Stealie is Evil, Holly is Good).  C’mon, Holly, you’re noticing now?  Someone hasn’t been reading this blog!

“My mother is Evil and may be scheming towards world domination, but at least she doesn’t steal!”  Um.  Shall we tell her about her father?  Oh no, let us leave it.  Let Holly have the fun of stumbling upon shocking family secrets!

Hmm, Holly doesn’t seem to be going back to bed anytime soon.  Perhaps we should tire her out?  And so returns pillow-fighting, the clear combat mode of choice among the ladies of Sunset Valley:

Stealie 0255 resize

She still doesn’t go to bed and actually keeps hanging with us, so we’ll just have to try and sneak off to a different room.  Look at this!  Stuff everywhere and all just out of reach.

Stealie 0259 resize

So much artwork.  Expensive, expensive artwork.  Drool:

Stealie 0262 resizeWith Holly watching, we had to be quick.  Swipe swipe swipe!

Aww!  Stealie missed the big stuff.  We still got a chair, a marble coffee table, and a small painting called “Village No. 9.”  Pfft.

Oh well, this is just the 1% tip of the 1% iceberg.  There’re still rich families in this town.  Their stuff will be swiped…another day.

3 thoughts on “6. Take Your Silver Spoon

  1. Lol at the S&M bit. Too funny! I just married in a klepto sim in my orettacy and she also swiped that painting from the Altos! And what’s with the pillow fighting. Ever since I got ambitions it’s all pillow fighting all the time, often with invisible friends 😐 a world of sim logic would be scary place.

    • Thanks, Rose! Another klepto I played did a much better job than Stealie at the Alto house, swiping only the big-ticket items, like the big painting in the dining room. A world of Sim logic might not be so bad if it included the Sim ways of earning money–easy guitar tips, automatic employment, gems free for all, etc :p

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