4. Whenever I Call You Friend

This is what friends are for!


After another morning of half-hearted gem-collecting, Stealie felt like making a friend.  I guess diamonds aren’t a girl’s only friend.  Well, if we’re going to the trouble of making and having friends, they might as well be rich.  Enter Agnes Crumplebottom:

Stealie 0137 resize

Agnes is the sister of Cornelia Goth and lives in this house all by herself:

Stealie 0136 resize

Actually, perhaps she doesn’t live all by herself.  In the bottom left corner there you can see the tombstone of her late husband Erik Darling.  It is a mystery why he is not among the living.  Agnes, what did you do?  (I have been watching too much Hitchcock.)

Instead of interrogating Agnes about the fate of her husband, Stealie opted wisely to ask simply, “Agnes, what do rich people eat?  And could we have some?”Stealie 0138 resizeTurns out the glitterati of Sunset Valley eat cereal.  Hmmf.  “Yum!  Thanks, Agnes!”  Perhaps it’s spiced up with bits of dead husband.

And then they started watching TV.  Aw, man, rich people are just as boring as normal people…

Stealie 0139 resize

“I hate it when they smoosh the credits to half the screen and talk over the credits!  Now we’ll never know who the casting director was!”

We tried mooching money, but Agnes stingily refused.  Stealie does not hide her disdain.  Feel free to zoom in on her face below:

Stealie 0141 resize

Okay, fine.  We’ll play with Agnes a bit to raise their friendship score a bit.  We wanna get in the moocher friendzone!

Stealie 0149 resizeWait, what?  What on earth are you girls doing?!

Stealie 0150 resizeOh.

Pillow fighting.  Harmless, I suppose…

Stealie 0145 resize

Uhh, Stevie??  Yoohoo!?  What have you been smoking?  Oh I just know there were bits of Erik Darling in that cereal!

She looks like she’s about to stab or strangle Agnes or something.  Did I tell you I’ve been watching too much Hitchcock recently?

Stealie 0147 resize

“Is this how you did it, Agnes?  Is this how Erik died?!”

As morbid as their roleplaying was, this is how they became friends.  Agnes is now Stealie’s first and only friend.  But then…something happened.  They looked like they had gone nuts, and then Agnes had gone…well, just…gone.

I guess I should’ve heeded this shot from earlier:Stealie 0143 resize

Agnes had rushed to the bathroom, there was a puddle on the floor…and they weren’t friends anymore.

Stealie 0151 resize

Turns out rich people can’t afford a house with good natural lighting either.

Afterwards, they patched up from other, more wholesome ways of hanging out.  Chatting et cetera.  Seeing how overdecorated the place was, Stealie finally broached the mooch:

Stealie 0153 resize

As you may gather from Agnes’ face, no luck.  But they were friends again.  But Agnes still refused to let Stealie sleep over.  “I don’t know you well enough,” she says.  C’mon, we just witnessed you pee yourself!

Around nightfall, Vita Alto spontaneously came over.  (Heh, it’s interesting to see Sims who are my main Sims in other stories in a parallel world.)

What Vita and Agnes have in common: they’re rich.

Stealie 0154 resizeWhat Vita and Stealie have in common: they’re evil.  Vita and Stealie both tried to sneak up on and scare Agnes.

Stealie 0155 resizeBut after a while, Agnes and Vita were too busy bickering about their First-World problems to notice what riff-raff Stealie was up to (nickin’ in the kitchin!)…

Stealie 0156 resize

Stealie extracted the trash compacter from Agnes’ kitchen.  She managed to do it surreptitiously.  How does that work?!

When Vita stormed off to watch TV by herself upstairs, Agnes and Stealie sat down to chat.  Here Stealie is sharing her “mastermind plot” (this is straight out of the game–it must know that we’re doing the Klepto King challenge!):

Stealie 0160 resize

“All your sparkly base are belong to us.”  Indeed.

Stealie 0159 resize

“Oh, Stealie, you exhaust me with the epicness of your plots!  I shall go to bed now!”

But first she had some more dead husband to chop up:

Stealie 0162 resize

…while Stealie lounged around and “enjoyed” the surroundings.

“What a lovely fountain you have, Agnes.”

Stealie 0161 resize

Dammit!  She failed to swipe the fountain and got the curtain instead.  I said FOUNtain, Stealie!  Not CURtain!  Way to use up our precious swipes in a rich Sim’s house!

But Stealie quickly got on my good side by scoring our first car!  The challenge limits us to swiping a total of five cars ever, so this is quite an auspicious start to our grand theft auto record.  The obligatory action shot follows:

Now you see it…

Stealie 0165 resize

Now you don’t.Stealie 0166 resize

We skedaddled off the premises before Agnes noticed.  And so, back to our favorite haunt, the park:

Still hankering after a fountain, Stealie went to the central area.

Stealie 0169 resize

…but got two wooden chairs instead.

Next best thing: the statue we’ve been eyeing since a coupla days ago:

Stealie 0167 resize

Stealie 0168 resize


You know, people often lament the lack of pockets in women’s clothing, but that evening gown seems to have no problem accommodating that car or the huge statue.  Stealie, where can I get a dress like that?  “Oh, I don’t remember.  I probably stole it in a past life.  Now let’s go home.”

6 thoughts on “4. Whenever I Call You Friend

  1. LOL!! Awesome that she was able to steal the car and statue! She is gettin’ GOOD! Glad that Vita was able to distract Agnes! She must have had her own selfish motives, I suppose, but she helped your sim in the end! 😉

    • Yup, evil Sim to the rescue! I still don’t know whether stealing is a “skill” that Kleptos develop over time, with practice…Thanks for cheering us on 🙂

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