3. Crystal Visions

I keep them to myself.  Do not keep your simoleons to yourself.


Starting off Day 3 in a new way: collecting gems.

Stealie 0107 resizeAnd our first visit to the criminal hangout.  Stealie’s wished to join the criminal career track, but all we can get from the hangout is some bell peppers harvested from the yard.  We go back to the park for the victim donor of the day.

Stealie 0108 resize

Here’s Dorie Hart, whom we saw the other day in a not-so-pleasant setting.  Will she make it up to us now?Stealie 0110 resize

“I had to see your ridiculous butt the other day. I want compensation!”
“I am so sorry. Here, have this large amount of $9.”

Stealie 0114 resize

“Well, today I’ve had to look at your ridiculous pants.”
“Sorry.  Here, have another $3.  Will that do?”

See how ridiculous they are?Stealie 0112 resize

Moving on to the next ridiculous victim: Madison VanWatson.  Apparently, Stealie and Madison find one another attractive:Stealie 0117 resize

Where are you looking, Stealie?  Ahem!

Stealie 0116 resizeDespite the attraction, Madison contributed only a small amount of $3.  This prompts Stealie to go taking a survey:

Stealie 0118 resize

Zelda Mae says, “Three simoleons?  Nah, a small amount is more like $8.”

Stealie 0119 resize

Molly French: “No no no.  Small is $2.”

Stealie 0120 resizeDustin Langerak:  “Oh yeah?  I’ll beat them.  A ‘small amount’ is $1.”
C’mon, you cheapskates!  How will we ever make it to $100,000 if you guys are so miserly?  Stealie looks like she’s about to cry.

Stealie 0122 resize…or maybe she’s just looking at the statue she wants to steal.  “That would look okay in my front yard.  And raise our house value.”

Stealie 0124 resize

Dustin gave her a microwave meal, which she ate at the table with only one chair because of you know who.  Standing nearby was Cornelia, who may have been thinking that she’d end up picking up after Stealie again.  (See Day 2.)

Stealie 0125 resize

Cornelia: “Hey Stealie, I’ll give you $1 if you throw out your trash this time.”  We took the cash, don’t remember whether we threw out the trash.

Stealie 0127 resizeBeau Andrews liked Stealie’s dramatic story about the moon so much that he gave $2.

See Christopher Steel in the background there?  A day or two ago, we interrupted his fishing in order to mooch from him.  This time, we interrupted his reading.  He wanted to go back to reading so much that he gave $4.

Stealie 0128 resize

The clock hit 7pm when we were still at the park.  But there are too many people around for us to swipe.  It’s a sorry substitute, but we go mooch off of Tuesday Sears (whom I’ve never seen before in the Sims 3, as far as I know).  Still, $2 plus $9 pale in comparison to all the potential stuff we could be looting from the park!

Stealie 0129 resize

Iliana Langerak, the lady sitting at the picnic in that pic, refused to give us a small amount.  But then she gave us $35, our largest mooch yet!  Coincidentally, that brings us to a devilish cash balance of $666.  Mwahahah!

Since there were too many Sims milling about, we switched over to residential looting.  We were just about to enter the Andrews house when Beau came home.  He followed us!

Stealie 0132 resize

Stealie 0133 resizeWe got $18 and $4 from Victoria, who camouflages rather well in her home.  Perhaps she’s used to blending in for her reporting job?

It wasn’t long before Victoria went upstairs to bed.  Now’s the chance…Stealie 0134 resize

…but no!  The game says we can’t steal any more today!  Huh…okay, go home.  (I later realized that we couldn’t steal that night because we had already filled our quota shortly after midnight, almost but not quite 24 hours ago.)

6 thoughts on “3. Crystal Visions

  1. Well, maybe instead of stealing due to the quota, she could go home and rest up for the next day. 😉 I’ve never played a klepto, but I can’t imagine all the people she has to mooch and steal from. I love reading the story, though. Laughed at Stealie and her chest looks again. 😀 Great job!

    • Yeah, you’re right. I should let her rest more often. But she seems to have so much fun stealing! She spontaneously bursts into growls of evil laughter when we’re going out to steal.

    • We always strive for epicness! 😀 The other day I started designing the expansions to the house but had to stop because that would be getting too far ahead of myself. Stealie still doesn’t have that much cash.

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