2. Charmed Hour and a Haunted Song

In which Stealie meets (and mooches off of) more townsfolk, including the residents of the graveyard.


Rise and shine!  Look at all these little Sims heading to school.  No wonder there’s so much lag reported about this game.Stealie 0063 resize

After the first night, Stealie woke up early and headed straight to the park to harvest trees.  The big question is what to do till 7pm.

Pigeon hunting, that’s what.  Meet Marty Keaton:

Stealie 0065 resize

Sims greet others in ways that probably wouldn’t fly in real life:

Stealie 0064 resizeHey!

“Sorry, here’s a microwave dinner to make up for it.”

Stealie 0068 resize

It’s disgusting, but we have to eat it immediately or it’ll spoil like yesterday’s.

I wonder whether interacting with the Sims before trying to mooch improves the results of mooching.  With Leighton Sekemoto, we tried getting to know him first before trying “Mooch a Small Amount.”

Stealie 0071 resize

He declined.  Fine!  We got nothing to lose.  Try “Mooch a Large Amount.”  Leighton approved and gave us $7.  SIMS LOGIC.

We next call on Cornelia Goth (who was kind enough to be cleaning up after Stealie’s microwave meal).

Stealie 0074 resizeComplimenting and chatting yielded $1, $20, and bread and jam.  Thanks, Cornelia!

Stealie 0078 resize

“It’s all right, dear!  My family is the oldest in Sunset Valley.  We must do what we can to help those less fortunate!”

In private, she feels these moochers are milking enough out of her family:

Stealie 0075 resize

We’ll prey on others, then.  Greet Justine Keaton (while Cornelia goes back to throwing out that microwave meal).

Stealie 0080 resizeCanned soup, no cash.  Sigh.  We’ll go home to deposit the food in the fridge.  Shower, sleep till 7 (what a life!).

The Swiping Hour is upon us!

Stealie 0083 resize

Stealie 0086 resizeAt Erin Kennedy’s house, we chat with the inhabitant.  Stealie mooched food autonomously and was about to eat the jam and bread when Erin invited her to dance together.  I thought you were tired!  Whatever, ladies.Stealie 0088 resize

Erin kept dancing by herself while Stealie finally ate the jam and bread.  And swiped a dresser.

Stealie 0089 resizeLike Leighton earlier, Erin also refused a small amount but gave a large amount of $12.  Whoo again SIMS LOGIC!  Ain’t that right, Erin?

Stealie 0090 resize

“Yeah!  Whoo!”

All that dancing and whooping finally tired Erin enough to go to bed.  It pushed us past midnight (meaning we didn’t max out our stealing opportunities).  But now’s the chance!  What will Stealie swipe?

Stealie 0094 resize

The rug!  And…poor Erin…the stereo.

Back to the park around 1am.  I wanted to swipe the fountain but got a chair instead.  Aw, the last swipe for the day and we spent it on a chair.  At least it’ll give Stealie something to sit on other than the toilet.

Stealie 0096 resizeSo went to the graveyard to fulfill Stealie’s wish of seeing a ghost.  She tried to introduce herself to the ghosts but they were caught up in some argument or other.

Stealie 0099 resizeWe finally succeeded in introducing Stealie to one Erdrick Gnomenheim.  Then I thought…Can we mooch from ghosts?

Stealie 0101 resize

YES! a large amount of…$9. and canned soup.

“Now let me rest in peaaace.”

Fine.  Plenty more ghosts to mooch from.  What’ve they got to lose.

Stealie 0102 resize

Vincent Skullfinder, generous ghost that he is, gave us a microwave meal, a large amount of $8, and a small amount of $2.

And back at home.  Maybe this schedule of getting up late and staying out late works better.

Stealie 0104 resize

3 thoughts on “2. Charmed Hour and a Haunted Song

  1. Yeah, gotta love sims logic! She got a LOT of canned soup. I guess she’ll be eating. 😉 Maybe she should aim for a couch and she might succeed in getting a fountain. LOL! 😉

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