1. Welcome to the Room, Stealie

Stealie 0002 resizeMeet Stealie Nicks, our Klepto King Challenge contender.  As required by the rules, her traits include Kleptomaniac, Mooch, and Evil.  She’s not all bad, though.  She’s Lucky and Charismatic.  To achieve her life’s aim of “Living in the Lap of Luxury,” she will have to reach $100,000 in net worth.  And where is she going to get this money?  Stealing and mooching, of course!  Hence that gleam in her eyes.

It is a challenge requirement to wear all black.  Her everyday outfit is this long black gown.  Imagine running around town trying to steal things without being noticed in this get-up.  Only in the Sims!

Stealie 0005 resize

She looks a bit out of place, doesn’t she?  To become Klepto King, you must start by buying the house called Monotone.  It’s unfurnished but it comes with the basics like a kitchen and bathroom.  The rest is empty.  And dark.  Let’s get out of here and cracking on our challenge.

Stealie 0006 resize

Good ol’ Central Park.  It’s been a while since I last played Sunset Valley.  It’s my first time playing a mooch.  Here we go on our first ever mooch!

Stealie 0009 resize“Excuse me, Ma’am.  Do you have a minute to save the endangered golden jellyfish?”  For this fine cause, Judy Bunch contributed the small amount $2.

Uhh, what’s the matter, Stealie?  Where are you looking?

Stealie 0010 resize

The Park has a bunch of free picnic and barbeque sites.  I’m not sure whether the challenge allows us to eat from these picnic baskets or barbecue grills, so instead we mooched a microwave meal from Cycl0ne Sw0rd.

Stealie 0012 resize

Turns out she’s not that hungry.  So we pocketed the food in our inventory and moved on to Christopher Steel, whose fishing trip we interrupt to mooch a few simoleons.

Stealie 0013 resize

“Here’s $1.  Now go away.”
“What?  One lousy simoleon?”
“Fine, here’s $8.  Now please go away.  Oh wait, have some canned soup.”

You know, people in Sunset Valley are quite generous, at least way more than people in my town (though I’ve never tried begging on the streets).  They just give away simoleons and food to strangers.  Okay, let’s milk it.

We went back to Judy Bunch to see if she’d donate a larger amount.  Nope.  Witness Stealie’s disappointment:

Stealie 0018 resize

“Fine.  Stupid Sunset Valleyites.  I think I’ll go be alone now.”  If we can’t mooch off of Sims, we’ll mooch off their garden vines.  First stop: Gobias Koffi’s garden.

Stealie 0019 resize

And now the science lab garden:

Stealie 0020 resize

All in the classiest gardening outfit.  We also attempted twice to go to the Bachelor house garden, but no luck.  It’s probably fenced in or something.

There was still time till the magic hour of 7 pm, when klepto Sims can start swiping stuff.  Look around for how to pass the time…

Stealie 0022 resize

Take a deep breath BEFORE you go in!

Stealie 0024 resize

I didn’t see anything in the rules about dumpster diving, so I hope it’s allowed.  If not then our new telephone and beetle were gotten by really illicit means.

Feeling dirty for more reasons than one, Stealie went to shower at the gym.  But she still felt disgusted—turns out that the first meal we mooched had spoiled!  Ugh, this is like what happens to me in real life.  Not the mooching or the dumpster diving, but when I save something “precious” for later and it goes bad before I get around to it.

Now to burgle visit our first house.  Thinking we could thank Christopher Steel for his earlier kindness, we headed to his house but he left before we arrived.  That’s ok.  We moved next door to the Hart house:

Stealie 0028 resize

Stealie makes her intentions clear.

Stealie 0029 resize

Silly old Gus Hart.  We know what she’s really after.Stealie 0030 resizeOnce inside, we met Holly Alto (heh, I’m playing her on my other blog the House of Moodici).  Her family’s one of the richest in town so she’s good potential mooch fodder.

Stealie 0032 resize

Holly refused to give a large amount.  Hmm, $8 is better than nothing, but surely the Altos could afford much more.

Perhaps to distract herself from the disappointment, Stealie started eating some food mooched earlier, but this was no time for canned soup!  Time is precious and we had to get going on our first swipe.

Stealie 0035 resize

I was aiming for the dresser but Stealie preferred something off the night stand (probably the lamp).

Stealie 0036 resize

That’s better.  Now how about that blue armchair by the window, since your favorite color is blue?

Stealie 0037 resize

Uh oh!  Dorie Hart came in and interrupted.  Well, to be fair, I guess she had a more legit reason to be there than we did.  As did the ceiling:

Stealie 0039 resize

Never mind Dorie, Stealie—what happened to the ceiling?  You haven’t stolen that, have you?

And then Dorie went to bed.  I’ve caught Stealie looking in odd directions before but she tried to look away here:

Stealie 0041 resize

“The colors!  I need to wash my eyes now!”  So we ran to the bathroom.  Instead of washing her eyes, Stealie just swiped the toilet.

Stealie 0045 resizeAww, think of poor Dorie.  Where will she do her business now?

Back downstairs.  Let’s see if Gus will give us anything.

Stealie 0048 resize

“I just moved in.  Do you know where I could find some nice furniture?”

Stealie 0049 resize

Gus was too caught up in his video game to respond.  Stealie’d had enough of this.

I know you’re tired but finish your sandwich.  Then we’ll go home.
Stealie 0050 resize

Stealie 0051 resize

The rules require us to place all the objects in the house or sell them each day.  We sold the phone and bug (from the dumpster) and set about arranging the other items.  Easy enough to do, what with all the blank space we have.

Stealie 0053 resizeWow, two toilets.  The luxury!

Actually, I was too quick on the sarcasm.  It was just as well to have two, because the first one seems to have trouble flushing now:

Stealie 0054 resize

The lamp and dresser:

Stealie 0055 resize

Sorry the lamp isn’t blue, Stealie.  We’ll get a blue one one of these days.


Stealie 0056 resize

Well, no.  But from others who have attempted the Klepto King challenge, I have heard that kleptos end up with no shortage of lamps and chairs.

“Okay.  Good night.”

Stealie 0062 resize

As soon as she went to bed, Stealie rolled a wish to return the stolen dresser.  Heck no!  Where would we put all the lamps you will steal?

12 thoughts on “1. Welcome to the Room, Stealie

  1. Thank you so much, Laura! You get the prize for first commenter 🙂 Stealie and the Moodicis are my first Sims to have blogs, so I hope they survive the public scrutiny…

    • I had a blog for my Mithrilen legacy a while back, haven’t touched it in ages though… I guess it’s just hard to maintain, when I work what feels like 1000 hours a week.

      I’m thinking of doing one for my 100-baby challenge, though. Should be fun, now that my Sim is messing with the future… 🙂

      • Yep, blogging and playing Sims can take a bit of work…on top of jobs and everything else. Lemme know when you start that 100-baby blog. Whew, the 100-baby challenge sounds more complicated than what I could manage…I’ve plenty to go on with this blog running on just the base game and one EP!

  2. This was an awesome first chapter!! I laughed quite a few times (favs: pic of Stealie looking at Judy’s chest, pic of no ceiling (ugh) and of Dorie’s big butt!). You have an awesome sense of humor! 🙂 Will definitely add this story to my list. 😀

    • Thanks, Jenn! Definitely give this challenge a go. I started it as a break from all those long, convoluted legacy-type families mine end up being…Drop us a line when you start the challenge 🙂

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